Shutterdulai to Hit Silver Screen on May 27

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Shutterdulai to Hit Silver Screen on May 27

Mangaluru: V S Media Enterprises held a press meet at Cinepolis, City Centre Mall here, on May 24.

Addressing the mediapersons, director of upcoming Tulu movie Shutterdulai, Shashikanth Shetty said that the movie is all set to hit the silver screen in Mangaluru on May 27. “But there is a fear that we will not be able to get Jyothi talkies as the venue on May 27. We have planned to release the movie at multiplex theaters. We will later release the movie in a single theater in the first week of June,” he said.

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He further said that the Tulu industry is a big industry but it needs to be promoted it. “We have to try our best to promote our products. If we give good movies to movie lovers, surely the Tulu film industry will bloom.”

Actor Jai Jagadish said that Shutterdulai has a very good story, and is a remake of the Malayalam movie Shutter. “We do not know how the people of Mangaluru will take this movie because so far people like comedy movies and this film is an adult movie with a family story. We have made some changes in the movie. I have acted in a movie before called “Danikulena Jokul” but I did not play a major role in that. Director Shashikanth Shetty has put 100% efforts in the movie. The people of Mangaluru will surely like this movie and support us in making it successful.”

Lead actress Anitha Bhat speaking to the mediapersons said, “I have acted in Kannada movies and serials but I did not get an opportunity to act in a Tulu movie. Shutterdulai has a different subject and the storyline is also different. It is a movie with a social message and is a must watch movie.”

She further said, “I have acted in many Kannada movies including Pyscho but it did not make much noise. Shutterdulai will surely change my name from Psycho Anitha to Shutter Anitha. This movie has not been made to make money. We have brought new ideas in the movie.”

She urged the people of DK to watch Shutterdulai and support the artistes. The Movie Shutterdulai will be released in Dakshina Kannada and Udupi districts simultaneously.

Jai Jagadish, Keerthan Shetty, Prakash Pandeshwar, Mithra and Prakash Shenoy were also present at the press meet.

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  1. Jai Jadageesha – He looks young for his age. He has been around in movie industry ever since I was a kid. Remember – Gaali Maathu, Mullina Gulaabi, Bandhana??? Some guys don’t age at all!! Good for him!!

  2. “Jai Jadageeeeeeeshaaaa” – Namma Rampe

    Who is this nobody and why has some Yumreeki nobody called by the name RampaNNA singing him paeans? And look what at the movies that Rampu used to watch! And look at his fav place in the world – Murudu! Lol! Rampa’s don’t age at all and your tastes say it all! Thanks for the confessions, ya, Rampa. 🙂

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