Siddaramaiah’s hands are tied, he is greedy for power – Poojary

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Siddaramaiah’s hands are tied, he is greedy for power – Janardhan Poojary

Mangaluru: “There is a severe drought in Karnataka but the elected representatives are busy in scams. The media has been highlighting the issue but the politicians are not at all bothered to address it. Be it Congress, BJP or any other party, they are not in any way concerned about the drought situation in the state. In Malnad this is the first time they are facing drought. What are the people’s representatives doing? Poojary is not the representative of the people. During the core committee meeting held recently, the situation of drought in the state was not addressed. Why was there no discussion on drought? It is the duty of the CM to brief on drought situation and the measures taken to solve the drinking water problem? In Hassan, there is no drinking water. Being the former PM Devegowda was crying in an interview! Is Siddaramaiah sleeping?” questioned senior congress leader Janardhan Poojary in a press meet held at the press club here on February 27.

He further said, “Politicians are only worried about wealth and they neglect the people of the state. I apologise to the people of Karnataka on behalf of the Congress government. Why does Siddaramaiah want power when he shows that he is unable to lead the state? The BJP is talking about the Congress CD but in another CD the BJP high command has received money from Karnataka. I appreciate the BJP for finding out money given to the congress high command. But on Yeddyurappa’s birthday how much money did he receive? He has received two cheques of huge amount. How much money did Yeddyurappa receive? How much collection has the BJP made? “Kumaraswamy says only if the high command assures of taking action against Yeddyurappa, I will make the cheque issue public”. Why is Kumaraswamy fooling the people? If he has the evidence it is his duty to hand over the evidence to the concerned officials. If you have the evidence call for a press meet by February 27 evening and release it. If not the people of Karnataka will not forgive you,” warned Poojary.

While questioning over the diary issue Poojary said, “For the first time Dinesh Amin Mattu has spoken the truth. What will the CM do now, will he terminate Mattu from the post? When we advise the CM, he is not ready to listen. The CM does not have the power to take action, his hands are tied since he is greedy for power. Why is he helpless?” Questioned Poojary.

Responding the queries from journalists on Siddaramaiah’s contribution to the congress party, Poojary said, “What work has Siddaramaiah done for the party? The party workers have strived hard to strengthen the party but what has Siddaramaiah CM done for the party workers? The high command has called the HM and CM to be in Delhi.”

Praising the work done by Sonia Gandhi, Poojary said, “Sonia Gandhi is taking the party workers together in a balanced way”.

Responding to the chappal issue by U T Khader, Poojary said, “U T Khader is a minister and he should not say such words. What will he do with the chappal? I think U T Khader did not read the constitution properly. Today he said it to them, tomorrow he will say it to me and you. We should stop such loose talks. He does not know that every Indian has the right to protest. Should everyone who protest be hit by chappals? In this country, if there were no media, our people’s representatives would have sold the country. Pinarayi Vijayan’s Mangaluru visit programme is not related to the congress. There is nothing wrong in praising him, it is Khader’s fundamental right. Let Khader praise him, but being a minister he should maintain his standard.”

When asked about the diary controversy and whether it will affect the forthcoming elections, Pooajry said, “Congress and BJP will be in trouble in the coming elections and the JD(S) has an opportunity”.

Arun Coelho, Kallige Taranath Shetty, and others were present.

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  1. “Today he said it to them, tomorrow he will say it to me and you” – Jannanna

    I enjoy reading his tulu/kannada comments in english!! smiles…Mangalore Press Club should consider providing him permanent accommodation so he can call press release all day, everyday! smiles…

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