Similarity with ‘Udta Punjab’ ends

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Similarity with ‘Udta Punjab’ ends at drug use: ‘M Cream’ director

Mumbai, June 20 (IANS) “M Cream” director Agneya Singh says that like the recently released Bollywood film “Udta Punjab”, even his movie is based on drugs, but the comparison ends there.

“Both films (‘Udta Punjab’ and ‘M Cream’) feature drug culture, but the comparison ends there. In fact, there is no comparison between both the films.

“The makers of ‘Udta Punjab’ have chosen to depict drugs as a menace to society, whereas we believe in the opposite. Across the nation, young people are experimenting with drugs such as marijuana and LSD,” Singh told IANS.

He feels “this experimentation plays a central role in the contemporary youth struggles”.

“We need to end the hypocrisy now and I certainly hope that the release of ‘M Cream’ can lead to a larger debate,” Singh added.

The story of “M Cream” is about a group of four friends, led by Naseeruddin Shah’s son Imaad Shah and theatre actress Ira Dubey, who set out on a road trip to Himachal Pradesh in search of M Cream, a mythical form of charas that is guaranteed to give the ultimate high.

Singh is certain his movie will not click with the conservative mindset of an older audience. But that’s what he hopes to challenge and “eventually replace with a more humanistic and radical world view”.

“It’s time for the youth to stand up and fight for the change that we wish to bring about. ‘M Cream’ meditates upon this without taking a moral stand; it reflects the reality that surrounds us whether we like it or not,” he added.

“M Cream” will release in India on July 22. Being distributed by PVR Pictures, it will be released with an ‘A’ certificate and without any cuts.

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