Skip cakey look by choosing right makeup base

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New Delhi, Feb 26 (IANS) Layers of wrongly chosen makeup can make you end up looking cakey. Get your hands on the right make-up base to look flawless, says an expert.

“Every skin type is different. You have different foundations for fair, light and medium skin tone; again it is categorised into dry, oily and combination skin. Getting your base right is very important,” make-up artist Annalia Zhimomi told IANS.

She says for dry flaky skin, don’t use powder.

“Creme based or a liquid foundation rich in moisture is perfect for dry flaky skin. Use it with the help of a moist sponge. This will keep the dry skin in place and give a smooth finish. Any other way of applying foundation for dry skin will lead to flaking of the skin,” she warned.

Women with normal to combination skin, can also use creme or liquid foundation. Again, a moist sponge will be helpful. Then seal your foundation with the help of loose or pressed powder. This will help your foundation to last all day.

Those with oily skin should apply foundation with the help of a buffing (for medium to full coverage) or stippling brush (if its less coverage) in circulation motion, she suggests.

Lastly, seal your foundation with powder.

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