SKIPPER-The Complete Cricket Shop, First of its Kind in City Launched

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SKIPPER-The Complete Cricket Shop, First of its Kind in City Launched

SKIPPER-The Complete Cricket Shop, First of its Kind in City Launched at Milagres Complex, Falnir Road, Adjacent to Milagres Church, Hampankatta-Mangaluru. Cricket lovers just can’t skip-SKIPPER!

Karavali Cricket Academy is organizing a ‘Sri Lanka Cricket Tour’, departing from Mangaluru on April 20 and return back on April 30th 2018 for Below 15 and under Seventeen- matches will be played against Sri Lanka Cricket teams. Budding cricketers interested to join the TOUR call: Santhosh at: 8861446216; or 9880523871

Mangaluru: Got Cricket! If you are looking to buy Football, Basketball, Shuttle Cocks, Carom or Chess Board, then you have come to a wrong shop? But if you are looking to buy authentic and genuine Cricket merchandise then you have shopped at the right shop named “SKIPPER”- a Complete Cricket Shop, exclusively dealing with Cricket merchandise, and this is the FIRST of its kind store in entire Karnataka carrying ONLY Cricket items. And the brain behind to start this unique and complete Cricket shop is the “Captain “aka Managing Partner of “SKIPPER” Santhosh Misquith, a qualified Cricket Coach, and also the current General Secretary of Karavali Cricket Academy, which was christened as Karavali Cricket Clinic when it was started in the year 1996, and since its inception has produced renowned State and National Cricketers, namely Shrishanth, Jayaprakash Shetty, Ashwin Koppal and many others.

Cricket is a social sport that is becoming more accessible due to a variety of formats – games can be played in a host of environments, ranging from 15 minutes to five days. It’s a team sport, but the three key elements – batting, bowling, fielding – rely on individual skills. Traditionally it’s been played on a field with 11 players per side. While still popular, there are now many other ways to play newer, scintillating styles – within sports halls, local parks, playgrounds and, in some cases, cages! And If you’re serious about your cricket and want to train on a regular basis, then joining a club is your best option – you’ll receive professional coaching and guidance, and build your endurance and stamina as well as improving your co-ordination – all essential skills in cricket. And one academy where you’ll get the BEST training in Cricket under the able guidance and Qualified Coach Santhosh Misquith is “Karavali Cricket Academy”.

As an ardent Cricket lover and a professional cricket coach, Santhosh wanted to provide Mangaloreans with a unique shop which catered to only Cricket merchandise, and with that intention, he decided to launch SKIPPER- a one-of-a-kind outlet and First of it in Karnataka dealing exclusively with Cricket equipment to this scale. The primary goal of SKIPPER was to cater to all the needs of budding cricketers of the region and to make sure top talents of the region have all their cricketing needs satisfied right here in Mangaluru itself. The Shop is stocked with a wide range of cricket materials, with a multitude of brands on offer, be it bats, balls, pads, gloves, body cricket gear, or any other equipment.

With Cricket merchandise from renowned companies like New Balance, SS {Sareen Sports}, DSC {Direct sports Company}, SF {StanFord}, BDM {BD mahajan}, SG {Sanpareils Greenland}, GM {Gun and More}, Graynicals, Bas Larsons, SM {Sunil Mahajan}, and others- and Swimwear by Speedo, You name it, SKIPPER promises to deliver the goods! Therefore SKIPPER along with Karavali Cricket Academy will cover all the bases and mold the cricketing gems this region has no shortage of, into some fine cricketers that can bring accolades and recognition to Mangaluru, in the field of cricket.

SKIPPER -the complete Cricket Shop located in Milagres Complex, Falnir Road, adjacent to Milagres Church-Mangaluru was inaugurated on Friday, 23v March 2018 at 10 am by cutting the ribbon by Dr Vinay Hegde-Chairman of Nitte Education Trust, along with guests of honour namely, Mahabala Marla-Former MCC Mayor/ Hon. President of Dakshina Kannada Cricket Association {DKCA}; Dr Kishore Kumar CK-Hon. Director of Physical Education-Mangalore University; and in the presence of family members namely Maxim and Cecelia Misquith; Henry and Philomena D’souza; Annette Misquith; Sabitha Misquith {MCC Corporator}; Shanthi ‘Misquith’ Mohan; among many well-wishers. The shop was blessed by Fr Valerian D’souza-Parish Priest of Milagres Church.

In his inaugural address, chief guest Dr Vinay Hegde said, “I have been a chief guest at many formal occasions, but this one is a unique one for me because as an ardent cricket lover myself, I had a privilege to inaugurate this exclusive Cricket shop. No doubt Cricket is the most popular game in India and has now the status of being our national game, it is glamorous, and enjoys a wide following among sports lovers, even here in Mangaluru. And for that matter, our energetic and dynamic Cricket Coach Santhosh Misquith has done the right thing by opening this shop in the heart of the City, where Cricket enthusiasts now have an exclusive shop to buy their cricket equipment. Being a Chairman of Nitte Education Trust, which manages nearly 30 institutions, I am inviting Santhosh to all of my institutions, thereby interact with the sports coaches, and I am ready to do business with SKIPPER, for all our Cricket merchandise, if Santhosh is willing to. I know he will! Best of luck and success galore to this Cricket shop”.

Fr Valerian D’Souza also speaking said, “Other day when I had stopped at Skipper, which was a small shop, but now extended, to buy a badminton racket, I was told that they only sell cricket items and no other sports items. Oh well, I had to shop at different sports outlet. But I am happy to note that Skipper being one of our Church tenants, is a full-fledged cricket shop dealing exclusively with a wide range of Cricket items, which will surely benefit the cricket lovers of Mangaluru. And one thing for sure, these days if you ask a student if he would prefer Cricket or Academics, he would opt for cricket. I am very confident that Skipper will do good and our young entrepreneur Santhosh Misquith will prosper in this enterprise”

Also speaking on the occasion, former MCC Mayor Mahabala Marla said “Mangaluru is a city of sports enthusiasts, and among them are cricket lovers in large numbers. Being associated with DKCA as president I very well know the popularity of cricket in Mangaluru, and many young cricketers from this City have emerged as state, national and international cricketers. I compliment Santhosh Misquith for his love towards this City, where he is showing great interest and dedication in training budding cricketers under the Karavali Cricket Academy banner. I know he is a qualified cricket coach, and those who get trained under him will surely be the future star cricketers of this country. This is indeed a unique cricket shop, and will surely attain success. Best of luck”

Dr Kishore Kumar CK addressing the audience said, “As a PD director, I know how hard it is to train someone in sports, especially cricket. It needs commitment, determination, dedication and sacrifice- and I have seen all these characters in Santhosh Misquith when I have watched him train young cricketers at the Academy training filed at University College grounds. With his active involvement and charismatic leadership, Santhosh has successfully brought in a more professionally organized structure into the academy. And also by launching this unique one-of-a-kind Cricket shop, he has also catered to the needs of budding cricketers for their cricketing needs. In the beginning, in any business, there will be hurdles and hassles, but I am sure that Skipper will surely be a successful venture of Santhosh, and I wish him all success”. The welcome address was delivered by entrepreneur Henry D’Souza-the father-in-law of Santhosh, and the inaugural ceremony was compered by Rohit Ullal.


Young and energetic Santhosh Misquith has been on the forefront with regards to the Karavali Cricket Academy’s Second Innings after it was launched two years ago, and it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say is the strong foundation upon which the Academy’s future rests. The Academy’s new direction is largely led by the charismatic leadership of Santhosh, and he has successfully brought in a more professionally organized structure into the Academy.

Santhosh Misquith is a qualified coach, having passed his level 1 coaching at the ICC. He has an undying passion for the game of cricket. When he left the shores of Dubai for good in returning back to his hometown Mangaluru, having given up his lucrative job there with a strong desire to give back what he has studied and experienced in the ICC centre in Dubai. He had also represented a well-known club back in Dubai.

It is without a doubt that it is Santhosh’s sheer dedication and love for the game that has encouraged the Karavali Cricket Clinic {Karavali Cricket Academy} to think about the possibility of a splendid revival. Santhosh envisions an established Academy devoted to training and coaching some of the top talents of the lands, with an infuse of excellent infrastructure and innovative methodologies, and everyone believes that they are on the right path to this noble vision!

SKIPPER -The Complete Cricket Shop
Milagres Complex, Falnir Road, Near Milagres Church
Hampankatta, Mangaluru
Phone : 8861446216; 9880523871

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