SKSM Holds Prayer Service for Rain in District

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Mangaluru: South Karnataka Salafi Movement held a prayer service for rains at the Nehru Maidan here on May 1.

The prayer service was organized under the leadership of the religious head of SalafiJuma Masjid Ahmed Ali Qasimi.

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Men, women and children of all ages gathered at the Nehru Maidan to pray for Allah’s blessings for good rains.

Speaking on the occasion Ahmed Ali Qasimi said that water is a very special gift from Allah. In the Coastal region we get good rainfall every year and so people without knowing the value of water misuse it. When there is a scarcity of water, people panic.

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He further said that water should not be misused or wasted. We always think that we have enough water and need not worry about it. Earlier also there was drought and people were finding it difficult to get water. Human beings commit crime and nowadays the crime rate has increased. This is a testing time for all of us because we have committed mistakes and God is waiting for us to repent. When we correct our mistakes and ask forgiveness, Allah will surely bless us and there will be good rain.

President of SKSM U N Abdul Razak, Secretary Basheer Ahmed and others were also present. M G Mohammed compered the programme.

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  1. Dear in your article you say that there are women, I cannot see a single woman or women in any of the photo’s.
    People have to use wisely and take care of all unwanted use of water.

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