Sonu Nigam bats for more awareness about HIV in India

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Mumbai, Feb 26 (IANS) Singer Sonu Nigam is disappointed over prevailing misconceptions around HIV infection in India, and says the country still has a lot to learn about the life-threatening disease.

The singer, who became part of TV show “Mission Sapne” for an episode to support an HIV-infected couple, added that the country needs to embrace them with the virus, instead of shunning them away.

“Our country still has a lot to learn about HIV and we must thrive hard to educate people. Such is the sorry state of our society that we choose to shun away people rather than embracing them and helping them to lead a normal life just like everyone else,” Nigam said in a statement.

In the episode, the singer, who recently collaborated with the transgender band named 6 Pack Band for a song, will help the couple – Raju and Yogita – raise funds.

Nigam will work as a ‘pooja samagri’ seller for the Colors show to help Raju realise his dreams of re-establishing his business, which he had to shut down after their entire family was outcast by the society.

“I feel Yogita and Raju are brave enough to accept their shortcomings and subsequently spread awareness about this fatal disease through this show. I salute their faith and spirit,” Nigam added.

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