Sorry, No time to live!!!!!!!!!!

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After a family meal together the guest leaves, the mother tells the father your friend was charming, the father says he was playing host to his sons friends father , the son say Dad my friends father is long dead , I thought he was moms new boss. The Door bell rings the guest comes back to collect his forgotten bag. Initials on the bag ?Postal Department?. One perfect happy family.

Early morning scenario, I am on my bended knees in front of woman pleading, begging and coaxing, but the response I get is a plane ?NO??.
One more attempt, same answer ?NO?,
Repeated attempts later, same answer ?NO?

The woman is not my wife, nor my mother, nor my extra marital girl friend then who the hell is this person who is worth going on your knees for ? any guesses.

Well let me break the suspense, it?s my maid servant , and all that pleading for her to come just 15 minutes early everyday so that I can leave early accordingly.

That is the reality of our life today ? my servant had the classic excuse ? ?Sorry busy sir no time? ? more polite way of saying ?my way or the high way?.

What am I coming too? Good question, No Time, we have stopped living for ourselves,

Starting from childhood ? The typical relative screaming, ?Oh, My god! You have grown so big!?, sorry aunty my biological clock didn?t stop after you last seen me.
We always thought children had all the freedom and are the most innocent creatures on this earth, till computers and IT came along.
Now a child is much more knowledgeable by the time he is 10, than we were when we were 20 year old.
One of my friend?s kids all of ten is a walking talking genius. He is a black belt is some karate form, youngest Maths Olympiad champion of the world along with being the academic and sports topper in school.
The entire childhood moves at break neck speed from school, tuitions and then computer desk. Here too the child shrieks out to his parents ? No Time.

Coming to teenage years ? days have become shorter and nights even shorter, just don?t have enough time to finish all the daily chores, college friends, classes friend, morning friend , best friends , girl friends, boy friends, mail friends, train friends, plain friend,???.. just too many to please. ? No Time

Work Life ? could not be better, the colour and smell of money amazing, the opportunity to earn plenty, but the wish to have always more, irresistible. What against me here again, Time.

By the time I reach 70 (all thanks to modern science & life support systems), I would have cheated death 100 times, alcohol, cigarettes, blood pressure, diabetes, depression would all be my companion to the grave.

 Some great person said ? Time does not wait for anyone.

Why I wonder?

Are we waiting for time? What, why & who are we living for? Who, why & what are we dying for? Why do we love only few people? Why do we hate so many people?. Whom are we respecting? Whom are we suspecting?

If we are doing all of the above then we have time ? cause all the above expressions needs time.

So next time some one says I don?t have time ? Just say ?So Sorry.! I didn?t know? Or I would have come for your funeral.?


Author: Allwyn Dsouza- India

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