Spread the good work and achievements of Siddaramaiah Govt – Manjunath Bhandary

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Spread the good work and achievements of Siddaramaiah Govt – Manjunath Bhandary

Udupi: The KPPC secretary Manjunath Bhandary urged the leaders and workers to spread the good work and the achievements of the State government and also the misrule of the National Democratic Alliance led Union government.

He was addressing the Udupi district Congress party leaders at the Congress Bhavan Udupi here on Monday, February 5.

Chief Minister Siddaramaiah had created history by launching several welfare schemes and development programmes within a short span of four years. The Siddaramaiah-led government has fulfilled 80% of the promises it made during the elections. However, the Modi government has not fulfilled the promises it made before the elections. This is enough to state that the Karnataka government is far better than the Modi government, he said and added that the workers of the party could approach the voters proudly, given the programmes and schemes launched by the Congress government.

He asked the party workers to realise the need to fight against communal forces. We should also reach out to the people. All of us should remain united in our efforts.

He accused Prime Minister Narendra Modi of betraying the trust of the people. His promises of Achche Din have been fulfilled only for the ultra-rich and corporate houses. The common man is starving and the youth are disappointed due to lack of jobs, he said.


Now, that they know that they have been unable to fulfil their poll promises, the BJP leaders are resorting to communal and divisive politics, he said.

The Congress, however, believes in inclusive politics and has taken everyone along, he added.

KPCC secretary G A Bava, District Congress president Janardhan Tonse, Congress leaders M A Gafoor, Veronica Cornelio, Sarala Kanchan, Yathish Karkera, Deviprasad Shetty, Shymala Bhandary, Geetha Wagle, Roshni Olivera, Dinesh Putran and others were present.

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  1. After watching the daily routine attacks upon the Churches in September 2008 under the Yeddyuappa administration, what kind of a new world of peace under the current administration led by Sri. Siddaramaiah?

    How many times the Bishops and the community leaders had to visit Yeddyurappa to release the young men who tried to defend their brothers and sisters when the street goons along with the patronage of the police went to attack them inside the Churches while they were praying? But, glad to see that Sri. Devananda Gowda took care of that problem in a hurry.

    There is peace and harmony under the current administration which is an open truth, and the minorities are not chocked to death every day due to the fear of attack under the current administration. Congratulations and best wishes.

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