SRK happy to bring kids to IPL, introduces AbRam to Kolkata

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Kolkata, April 9 (IANS) Superstar Shah Rukh Khan, who is in the city with his three children srk mWednesday to cheer for his team, the Kolkata Knight Riders, said he is “extremely happy” that his kids enjoy the matches and understand the value of losing and winning.

“I want my children to enjoy sports… this game and I love IPL. It’s very personal to me so I feel extremely happy that my kids come and understand the value of losing and winning. Tonight (Wednesday) was winning…it had to be… all there were here,” SRK said here.

Defending champions KKR coasted to a seven-wicket win over Mumbai Indians in the eighth Indian Premier League opener here on Wednesday.

Son AbRam, youngest of the lot at less than two years, was seen running around the pitch post the game and attempted to hug KKR captain Gautam Gambhir after the win. This was AbRam’s first IPL match.

“You can’t come with three kids and let them down. Tonight is important because after a long time I am together with them. I will come for all the matches,” he said.

SRK jokingly said he is the “packaging” of the team and him and his kids are the cheerleaders.

“I would honestly like to take the whole responsibility for it but I would be lying. I stand by them. There is Gautam and the rest of the boys and Venky sir and Jai bhai.

“They spend so much time that they have completely made sure that I am now just the packaging of the team and when I become boring… I bring my children to the game. I just come and cheer. I am the cheerleader of the losing team and now we have three cheerleaders,” SRK responded to a poser on his contribution to KKR’s performance.

King Khan took to Twitter earlier in the day about his trip to Kolkata with his kids.

“Taking so many kids for the KKR match…it’s like I am a class teacher Incharge of Nursery to Higher Secondary,” SRK posted on Twitter, as KKR took on Mumbai Indians in the historic arena,” he said.

Known for his emotional connect with Kolkata, SRK stressed this sojourn was also an introduction of AbRam to the “maximum love” that the city has to offer.

“The fact that I have got my under two year old son here is to introduce him to the maximum love I have got anywhere in the world while failing repeatedly and I want him to know the people that love you, love you unconditionally, so I thank Kolkata for unconditional love,” he said.

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