SSLC results announced; girls, Bengaluru rural on top

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Bengaluru, May 16, 2016, DHNS : The results of the SSLC examination held in April 2016 were announced on Monday by the Karnataka Secondary Education Examination Board (KSEEB). The all round pass percentage stood at 79.16. As usual the girls (82.64%), outperformed the boys (75.84%).

Bangalore Rural district stood first with an overall pass percentage of 89.63 followed by Udupi (89.52) and Mangalore (88.01), while Ballari district with 56.68% saw the lowest number of students passing.

Ranjan from Bhadravathi secured the maximum possible marks by scoring 625/625.

Over 55,000 teachers were deployed to complete the evaluation work. The Supplementary examinations are scheduled to be held from 20th to 27th June.

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  1. I simply refuse to buy this nonsense. It is an established fact that majority of the students churned out by our education system are unemployable. So something quite doesn’t sound right. Almost every school appears to score near cent percent results in the board exams these days. Friends and relatives boast about their children having scored 97.889943242343 in the exams. And this happens year after year but we hardly produce any exceptional talent to make sense of this “outstanding” achievement. If this has been happening in the last 10-15 years then at least some of us should have owned patents or won international awards. The numbers don’t make sense. Forget everything but how do you explain someone scoring 625/625? Obviously you can never score full marks in language subjects?

    May be our Indian education system hasn’t kept up with the standards elsewhere. Everyone starts tuitions 2 years before the final exam and majority of the students resort of rote-learning techniques. You can not really have any intelligent conversation with these people. May be our education system is gradually dumbing down. Everyone scores top marks and everyone is happy. What’s not to like? But one has to ask, does it really serve any purpose at the end of the day?

    I am fairly sure if the exam board replaces 50% of the exam paper with some form of aptitude test then majority of these students are going to flunk big time. People should remember, employers are not really keen on marks cards. They mainly look for aptitude and the ability to do the work.

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