St Aloysius B. Ed College organises Webinar on Classroom Management: Difficult Behaviours

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St Aloysius B. Ed College organises Webinar on Classroom Management: Difficult Behaviours

Mangaluru: St Aloysius Institute of Education, a premier institute in teacher education belonging to the Mangalore Jesuit Educational Society commits to spreading light of knowledge and wisdom, by forming men and women for and with others organized a webinar on the topic ‘Classroom Management: Difficult Behaviours’.


The webinar commenced with the welcome note by the Principal of SAIE Dr Farita Viegas. Speaking on the occasion, Rev. Dr Fr Praveen Martis SJ, the Director of SAIE said, “Modern schools and society demand teachers of high quality. Therefore, they have to possess a great amount of knowledge and skills with regard to their subjects. Teachers need to be continuous learners to master new knowledge and develop new proficiency, which in turn, will help improve their students’ learning. Classroom management is one of the biggest challenges for different levels of teachers as it includes creating a conducive environment for learning, efficient use of time and achievement of objectives of teaching.”

Dr Smita Desai, Founder and Director DRISTI, Mumbai & Bengaluru, the resource person of the webinar spoke on four dimensions related to the topic, namely, classroom management, challenging classroom behaviours, role of a teacher and management of difficult behaviours. Classroom management is a big challenge for any teacher as it involves sustaining an orderly environment, confidence in the subject, facilitating meaningful learning, controlling negative behaviours and demonstration of managerial skills.

In a classroom environment, biggest obstacles confronted by teachers are discipline issues, engaging and catering to the different learning needs of different students. Tantrums, non-cooperation, hyperactivity, shyness, anxiety, disobedience etc., are the common, but challenging behaviours of students which really cause disturbance in the classroom environment. These types of obstacles may disrupt the productivity of the class as a whole. Psychological, environmental and biological factors are responsible for such behaviours. Therefore, it’s essential for a teacher to listen and develop rapport with students.


In conclusion the resource person said, strategies like pro-activeness, ignoring misbehaviour’s, recognition for achievements, opportunity to communicate, awareness of cultural differences and a sense of belongingness may help teachers to modify students’ behaviour.

Santhosh Furtado, convener of the webinar introduced the resource person. Satya Reddy (1st year B. Ed), moderator of the webinar facilitated discussion between the resource person and the participants. Sr Judith Saldanha UFS (2nd year B. Ed), delivered the vote of thanks. Demcy D’Souza (1st year B. Ed) compered the programme.

Report and Photos by Jerome D’Souza, Teaching Faculty of the College

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  1. When it’s the matter of best St.Aloysius Institute of Education always stands first. Great job.

  2. Wonderful Webinar ????I have enriched with lots of insights about the topic. Very Informative ???? presentation..Hatts off to the Organizers.. my Alma mater??????

  3. Interesting and useful seminar for the current situation.
    The speaker was excellent in the content delivery.
    Good job.

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