State Congress Government is Anti-Hindu – Pramod Muthalik

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Mangaluru: A writ was filed against Chief of the Rashtriya Hindu Sena, Pramod Muthalik which prohibits him from delivering any speech to the public on April 16.

Speaking to the mediapersons, Muthalik said, “I came to Mangaluru to attend a hearing on the pub attack case. I had to attend a programme in the evening and a writ has been filed against me saying that I will deliver a provocative speech over there. This is foolishness of the Congress-led state government.”


He further said, “There have been murders of Hindus, in the past 2 months I have been banned from entering 8 places, Convener of Hindu Janajagrati Samiti, Jagadish Karanth has also been banned from attending Rama Navami on April 15. All these are the anti-Hindu policies of the government.”

Muthalik said, “The Congress-led state government is doing exactly what the Congress government had done at the center in the past 10 years when they were in power. I deeply condemn their foolishness. There were 92 cases registered against me, the courts have acquitted me in most of the cases and only 13 more cases are pending against me.”

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  1. The anti-free speech campaign started mainly by religious bigots in minority communities will backfire and create a much bigger problem in Indian society. They think it is fun when Hindu groups are targeted. But it doesn’t stop there. This kind of intellectual terrorism can be and will be abused by ruling class to suppress unpopular opinions and truth. The only solution to ‘hate speech’ is more free speech. But in India, all branches of our democracy including media and judiciary, risking their own survival, have failed to protect and promote free speech. Indian democracy is on deathbed.

    Well, here is a short video clip of a man spreading ‘peaceful’ message on sexuality and LGBT community. This is the kind of society that we are sleepwalking into!! The fact that Indian media gives this man a full pass shows how regressive and pathetic our journalists have become!!

    • “Well, here is a short video clip of a man spreading ‘peaceful’ message on…….” guess what ya Rampa?

      Hola! yumreeki Rampa – who has NO clue about what happens out there and more-so – out HERE and YET yammers on & on:

      Well, here is a short video clip of a man spreading a very very peaceful AYURVEDIC message:

      A very very ‘peaceful’ man who ONLY owns a 2,000 crore EMPIRE! Z+ security! Speaks very kind words, indeed! No wonder then that the Na (beef) kaoonga, na (Beef) khilane doonga club produces SUCH geniuses. Smiles…. 🙂

  2. Here is the same genius characterizing sanaathana gods as false gods. He goes onto say how if someone is a true hindu, he/she should become Muslim!! What a great logic, sir jee!!! 🙂

    Again, I have no issues with anyone mocking or criticizing sanaathana gods or any other imaginary gods. We should be able to make fun of ganapathi, brahma, Eeshwara, krishna or anything. However, think about it for a second – you can comment on sanaathana gods, Yesu Krista, Budhdha or any other god EXCEPT one!!! And, the geniuses who call themselves ‘journalists’ and secular activists don’t even have single honest bone in their body to admit this reality!!! Sad and pathetic!!

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