Subrahmanya: Welfare Forum Seeks Rational Change in Temple Town’s Name

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Subrahmanya: Harish Injadi, president of the Nagarika Hitarakshana Vedike from here, has said that the organization has sought a rational change in the name of this town as Kukke Subrahmanya for better identity and identification.

He says that his organization has written to the local panchayat president and development officer in this regard. According to him, the town attained worldwide fame because of Shri Kukke Subrahmanya temple. There are other well-known temples elsewhere, which have been dedicated to the same deity, like Ghati Subrahmanya in Karnataka and Palani Subrahmanya in Tamil Nadu.

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Hence to distinguish this town from them, the name of the town should be changed to Kukke Subrahmanya to avoid confusion faced by devotees and people from distant places.

It may be recalled here that the KSRTC buses plying to Subrahmanya as destinatiion have already been carrying the boards as Kukke Subrahmanya for over thirty years to avoid confusion and to ensure correct identification.

It is beliieved that the town had Kukke Subrahmanya as its original but gradually the shorter name – either as Kukke or Subrahmanya – came in vogue for convenience. ‘Kukke’ is a wicker basket in local parlance. Legend has it that serpent’s eggs had been found in a wicker basket which came to be worshipped as serpent god, Subrahmanya.

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