Sudhindra Thirta Swamiji of Kashi Math (90) Passes Away

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Sudhindra Thirta Swamiji of Kashi Math Samsthan passed away in the early hours of January 17.

Sudhindra Thirta was born 31 March 1926, also referred to as Shri Sudhindra Thirta Swamiji is the present legal and spiritual head (mathadipathi) of the Kashi Math and the twentieth successive person called the Swamiji of Guru Parampara.


Sudhindra Thirta took the charge of Kashi Math Samsthan in 1949 after the Samadhiof his guru in Kochi. As per the tradition of the math, to continue the Guruparampara, on 7 July 1989, Sudhindra Thirta initiated a Vatu into Sanyasa to be the 21st, and called him Raghavendra Thirta

Sudhindra Thirta had recently celebrated his 90th anniversary (Navathi) in April 2015 and attained Moksha on January 17 at Kashimath Haridwar at 1.10 am

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