Sullia: Two Medical Students of KVG Drown in Devaragundi Falls near Todikana

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Sullia: Two students of KVG Medical College here died of drowning in the Devaragundi falls at Todikana near Arantodu on Thursday, Dec 31 evening.

They are Ashish (21), from Bengaluru, and Sudhir (20) from Andhra. They studied in third and second year MBBS respectively. Both stayed in the hostel.


Nine of them had gone to view the picturesque Devaraguni falls situated in Tavoor village in the periphery of Kodagu and DK districts. The spot is located about 40 kms from Madikeri and 11 kms from Sullia and falls under the jurisdiction of the Bhagamandala police in Kodagu.

The students had reportedly not informed the college authorities. The seven male and three female students had gone there in the afternoon.

It was Ashish’s birthday and they all had gone to the tourist spot to celebrate it there. Ashish stood at the bottom of the falls and was washing his face. He lost physical balance and fell into water. He knew swimming but was dragged away by the force of water.

Sudhir jumped in to save him but he too drowned. As it was a deserted area, the students’ cries for help could not be heard by others. Later, local swimming experts arrived and fished the bodies out. The police arrived from Sullia and Bhagamandala and shifted the bodies to a hospital in Madikeri for post-mortem examination.

Local divers brought the bodies up. A case has been registered in Bhagamandala police station.

Sullia: Two medical students drown at Devaragundi

Sullia, DHNS: Two medical students of KVG Medical College in Sullia drowned while taking a dip in the Devaragundi waterfalls at Thodikana on Thursday.

The deceased have been identified as Ashish from Bengaluru and Sudhir from Andhra Pradesh, both aged 20 years. According to the police, a group of nine students from the college had been to the waterfalls.

The bodies were traced with the help of the police, firefighters, diving experts and local residents.

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  1. Oh God!!! Very sad news. Two lives that could have many other lives have been lost. May thief soul rest in peace and may God give strength to the relatives to bear the loss

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