Summer Is Life

?The summer night is like a perfection of thought.? We all see the temperatures soaring and the sun spending a longer amount of time in the sky but I don?t think we?ve really gotten to the joys of the summer. I believe that amidst the busy lives of summer, we begin to fall into a routine. We do what needs to be done but we don?t fully experience our chance to enjoy the weather, and more so, the freedom. The summer?s our chance to break from the ordinary. ?In summer, the song sings itself.?

The summer has, as we unfortunately find it, reached its peak and is beginning to slowly fade away as Fall takes its place. In the middle of the winter weather, when we are longing for a break from the ordinary, most people wish for summertime to be back in their lives. Even so, I have found that suddenly, as summer is in full bloom, the mindset changes and our long awaited summer is taken for granted. We are told to live life to the fullest and that each day could be your last, so we need to realize that summer only comes once a year and gives us a chance to break away from all conformities that may not appeal to us. ?Summer afternoon – summer afternoon… the two most beautiful words in the English language.? More so than anything else, we must grasp the fact that once fall and winter are here to stay; we wish to be in our summer mind set and always long to go back. ?If winter is slumber and spring is birth, summer is life.?

Author: Atina Dsouza- USA