Susan Sarandon has natural approach for beauty

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Los Angeles, Jan 13 (IANS) Oscar-winning actress Susan Sarandon likes to keep her beauty regime to the minimum and just rely on healthy food items and plenty of water.

Sarandon said: “I am of the generation that was baking bread and living in the country, so I was aware of what I was putting into my body but not necessarily getting waxed and getting my hair done every week or anything like that. I had a very natural approach to maintaining myself.”

Although she’s still not into smothering her face with lots of products, the 69-year-old makes sure she wears sunscreen every day without fail, reports

Asked how things have changed now that she’s nearing 70, she told Vogue magazine: “I think I’m a little more careful now to wear sun cream, and other things which I didn’t really think about as my young hippie self. I never have been very up on the latest trends in fashion or beauty.”

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