Symphony Muscat – releases song ‘Shipai’ – A Salute to all brave soldiers protecting our Nation

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Symphony Muscat – releases song ‘Shipai’ – A Salute to all brave soldiers protecting our Nation

Muscat: Symphony Muscat dedicates its 3rd Original Konkani song ‘Shipai’ – Remembering the selfless sacrifice of our brave soldiers who gave up their lives protecting our nation. The band all drawn together by their passion for crafting original music and the common desire to sing something meaningful about the world we inhabit and people connected around. This song also encompasses solidarity towards our beloved armed forces and in commemorating our 74th Independence day on 15th Aug, dedicating a beautiful Konkani song “Shipai” to our listeners & YouTube Subscribers who were eagerly waiting for the release.

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A Soldier is every Nation’s pride!

Lyrics written by Sachin Joy Lobo & Renita D’Souza were purely inspired by our brave hearts, Our heroes, ‘Our Soldiers = Our Shipai’s’ who have relentlessly served and showed their exemplary valour & courage, who always put the interest of the country above theirs.

This well thought theme & patriotism echoed well within the Symphonians which gave way to create and dedicate this Soulful Music composed by young and dynamic Music Director Triven Goveas, along with Alvin Vincent & Loy Valentine Saldanha. Main Vocals by – Sachin Lobo(Verse 1), Errol Andrade (Verse 2), Ronson D’Souza(Verse 3). Chorus sung by Renita D’Souza, Sandra Concesso, Hendrita Colaco, Juvan Sequeira, Renita Saldanha, Naveen Mathias, Pradeep D’Souza, Priyan D’Souza, Vivian Fernandes, Rony Lobo.

Noted Cinematographer & Producer of Q films – Rolson Cardoza (Taccode) in his work has portrayed the Soldiers love for the nation, devotion and sense of attachment to the homeland along with the citizens who share the similar sentiments.

He has been a great support to Symphony Muscat with his quality work & professionalism in all their releases.

About Symphony Muscat:

Symphony Muscat – is a music-oriented group trying to modernise the Konkani music scene while keeping the essence and spirit of the language intact.

Sachin Joy Lobo -Founder, shares in his own words – It all began with a dream of creating a group of my own where we could change the face of Konkani music and after the discussion with his bestie Triven Goveas –Leading Music director, the new group was born.

In December 2019 the group was launched by name called “Symphony” which translates to an “elaborate musical composition which relates to the sound of an Orchestra!”

My good friend and a Choir lead with a seasoned and trained vocalist Renita D’Souza joined the team. Rolson Cardoza a professional Cinematographer.

Our 1St Original launch was ‘Khoro mog Khara’ released on 14th Feb 2020 a song of togetherness.

2nd Original was ‘Avoiponaa’ released on 4th May 2020 a tribute to motherhood. Both Konkani Originals widely acknowledged & well appreciated by all viewers & listeners around the globe as it was the first step towards our originals and noticeably recognized by entire Konkani and non-Konkani speaking individuals.

Symphony Muscat have designed our own studios and produce our original tracks & songs. We have been listening to music on love and betrayal but we wanted Konkani music to reach out to all genres our listeners & other musical platforms world over.

The dream is to change the view of Konkani music without changing the essence of it.

Symphony 16 Team members part of the success story Names (L-R)

1. Sachin Joy Lobo
2. Triven Goveas
3. Ronson D‘Souza
4. Naveen Mathias
5. Pradeep D’Souza (Bramhavar)
6. Priyan D’Souza
7. Errol Andrade
8. Rony Lobo
9. Vivian Fernandes
10.Prem Colaco
11.Renita D’Souza
12.Sandra Concesso
13.Hendrita Colaco
14.Juvan Sequeira
15.Renita Saldanha
16.Rolson Cardoza (Taccode)

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