Tanveer Sait should resign if not Government should drop him – BJP Mahila Morcha

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Tanveer Sait should resign if not Government should drop him – BJP Mahila Morcha

Mangaluru: The BJP state co-spokesperson, Sulochana G K Bhat, held a press meet at the BJP office here on November 11, demanding the immediate resignation of Primary and higher education minister, Tanveer Sait for watching pictures of semi-clad women at the state-sponsored Tipu Jayanti celebrations at Raichur.


Addressing the mediapersons Sulochana Bhat said, “On November 10, the Tipu Jayanti celebrations were held across the state but there was a very poor response. Last year when the Tipu Jayanti celebrations were held, people staged protests and many people lost their lives. Being aware of the fact, the State government, celebrated the Tipu Jayanti. Many people staged protests and even the congress ministers did not turn up for the government-sponsored programme. Do we need such celebrations ?” she questioned.

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Sulochana further said, “Some of the Congress MLAs, ministers protested by not attending the programme. But Primary and higher education minister, Tanveer Sait was watching photos of semi-clad women on his mobile. Being the education minister, Tanveer Sait should have set an example to the students by uplifting the moral ethics, but he has put the whole state in shame by watching photos of semi-clad women. If an education minister will behave in such a way, what will be the fate of women in the state?”


Sulochana also said, “If Tanveer Sait has moral ethics and respect towards women he should resign from his post immediately, if not the government should drop him from the cabinet. CM Siddaramaiah should take action against him, If no action will be taken, the Mahila Morcha will protest against the government.”

When asked about the differences between watching porn and photos of semi-clad women, Sulochana said, “Being a minister, Tanveer Sait should maintain his dignity and not watch photos of semi-clad women during the government-sponsored Tipu Jayanti programme.”

When asked about watching advertisement of semi-clad women on the TV channels, Sulochana said, “Watching at home is different, but watching it during a government sponsored programme is a crime”.

Sandhya Venkatesh, Pooja Prashant, Prabha Malini, Vikas Puttur and Jitendra Kottari were also present.

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