Ten useful and self-care tips

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  • Drink 2 glasses of pure drinking water every morning immediately after brushing your teeth. This helps to remove acidity, biliousness and constipation.

  • Drink water 1 hour before or after food so that when you eat, your gastric juices will be in the right concentration to facilitate digestion.

  • Do not eat when you?re not hungry. This will lead to indigestion and promote formation of toxins in the body.

  • Avoid pastries and cakes as they get fermented in the system and may lead to constipation.

  • Observe fasting atleast once a month. Drink only fresh fruit and vegetable juices on that day as it helps to clean the system.

  • Eat atleast one fruit like a banana, guava or two slices of papaya every night at bedtime to facilitate bowel movement in the morning.

  • Exercise regularly (preferably yogasana) 8 to 20 minutes every morning to keep the mind and body fresh, throughout the day.

  • If you have a mild headache or stomachache, try applying a wet towel for a few minutes on the affected part. This sometimes helps to get over certain types of pains.

  • Soak a teaspoonful of methi in half a cup of thick curd (not sour) for 2 hours. This can be consumed to control diarrhoea.

  • If you have gastric trouble, try drinking water in which jeera has been soaked overnight at regular intervals.

Author: Asha Pereira- USA

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