That’s Not Smart! MCC Neglecting a Open Drain in Front of Hospital

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That’s Not Smart! MCC Neglecting a Open Drain in Front of Hospital

That’s Not Smart! MCC Neglecting a Filthy and Stinky Open Drain in Front of a Children’s Hospital on Kodialgutthu Road, near Mannagudda

Mangaluru: Don’t know a city which is so cosmopolitan, and also in the verge of becoming a “Smart City” is so much neglected towards hygiene for a general living. Just a few days ago I had reported about the “Mother of All Open Drainage in the City” -the one flowing near KMC Attavar vicinity. Now we have been reported by a resident of Kodialgutthu Road (Near Mannagudda), a ardent reader of, who had called our office and requested to do a report on the open drainage near his resident. Wasting no time, Team Mangalorean rushed to the spot and noted the pathetic condition of the open drainage.

It’s a nightmare and a horrible situation for the people very close to the drainage and it is so horrible. A senior who goes for his walk on that stretch of the road speaking to Team Mangalorean said, ” I daily go for my morning and evening walk on this road, and unfortunately I have to pass this open drainage. The foul smell is next to impossible. With the onset of cooler nights the situation is just worsening because of denser and fouler odour. Since I live not far from this drainage, I have to close down each and every window else the smell is so bad that I get throat infection. Is there any MCC authority whom I can file a complain. Also suggest me any method to get the room air sanitized. Please help. Is anybody listening- I am a senior”.

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The open drainage is so filthy with stagnant water, you can see mosquitoes breeding in large numbers. While the MCC Mayor, Health Officer and other corporators are talking about increase in malaria and Dengue cases, and also trying to prevent these diseases from happening, why have they turned a blind eye against this open drainage, in spite of numerous complaints from the area residents. Is this how the Officials are looking forward for a “Smart City” by ignoring Citizens grievances on safety and health issues.

The sad part of this issue is that the Open Drainage is just a few metres away from Vishal Hospital, which is a pediatric (children) hospital-imagine having a filthy open drainage with mosquitoes buzzing around, and trying to suck the blood of tiny or grown children visiting this hospital. Even though the hospital management had lodged complaints many times, no action action has been taken on this drainage, which has been there for nearly two decades. Also look at the ignorance by a former state minister, who is constructing a new apartment complex right next to the drainage- why has he not any action being a important citizen or taken this issue during MCC council meeting. Seems like “We don’t practice what we preach?” politician policy.

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Also speaking to Team Mangalorean, a lady pharmacist at Vishal Hospital Medical store said, ” People when they come to the store here ask, where is that bad smell coming from. I quickly point my finger at the open drainage. Even though the Mayor, Commissioner and other authorities of MCC have visited this spot many times, but until now no action has been taken. There is nothing much we can do I guess, other than bear with the smell and take chances of getting sick with malaria or dengue.”. Yet another entrepreneur who lives right across from this open drainage said, ” This has been a problem for the last 10-15 years. Now the water is getting more filthy, and due to this stagnant water collected, it gives scope for mosquito breeding resulting in diseases. I am thankful to you for highlighting this issue for the benefit of the residents around here and also for the health safety of other pedestrians who walk by this road in large numbers, especially those going to Kudroli temple”.

Yes, it is scary out here-looking at the pathetic condition of the drainage, the smell is terrible. Why do the residents here and other citizens who pass by have to bear with the consequences due this filthy open drainage. Instead of fixing the lanes and inner roads, constructing footpaths (which hardly anyone uses or not fit to be used) with taxpayers money, MCC should take care of civic issues like open drainage posing health hazards. Now that crores of money is pumped into the city from Central government, its time that they utilize part of the money and rectify this problem with a systematic drainage.

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I think it’s about time that the area corporator of Kodialguttu  take the initiative, and do the needful to the people who voted him into power. Even if MCC can’t fix this entire problem at once, at least they can cover that portion of the drain as it gives the region a terrible smell and causes great health hazard to the pedestrians due to all waste it carries from the neighbouring houses and businesses. In the meantime, the residents of this area have to keep their fingers crossed, until this  Open Drainage is fixed fully or partially, at least for a safe and healthy living!

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  1. Its no use Alfie brother… the MCC is in deep slumber. The best thing the residents must do is gather in a large number and pay a visit to the Mayors office with the media in tow.

  2. Dear Alfie,

    No use lamenting – and writing lengthy articles on open drains, pot holes,
    dug up roads, no pavements, no public parking buildings or parking lots,
    etc., it will not change anything. Large cosmopolitan cities such as Mumbai don’t change, how could Mangalore!

    Instead get in touch with the Whip, Mr Ivan D’souza, and see how he can
    help set right all that is ignored by the Municipality of Mangalore.

    These officials and politicians hardly walk the streets of Mangalore, so they are not aware of what they don’t see!

  3. How come elected officials (‘white shirt’ group) are not aware of these things that are visible (and stinking) in public? Oh never mind, the are too busy writing plans for 2000 koti rupaayes sanctioned under ‘smaart city’ plan. Most importantly, we should hold elected officials responsible ONLY WHEN they are from BJP. Yes – it all makes sense now!!! smiles…

  4. Corporators should visit every area of their ward atleast once in every fortnight. They should have small committees in different areas and interact with them as often as they can. Mr.Ashok Devadiga is doing a good job in his Ward i.e. Kadri. He also comes personally to supervise. If he becomes the next mayor, he will definitely make our City Smarter.

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