That’s Not Smart! Placing Tree Limbs as Warning Signs near Hazard Spots

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That’s Not Smart! Placing Tree Limbs as Warning Signs near Hazard Spots

Mangaluru: Just what liability do City official agencies have towards the protection of life and limb of citizens in a public place? Answer: Nothing, Zero? When it comes to safety of the citizens, Mangalore City Corporation Officials give a damn about-about at the all the construction/drainage work sites without proper warning signs/barricades, open drainage holes, uncovered sewerage water flowing areas etc etc-with so many awareness articles published on this website pertaining to safety hazards and health hazards, including complaints from the citizens, still the city authorities are not rectifying these issues nor they are correcting their ways/habits.

It’s sad, and in the same time quite shameful that a growing city, an educational hub, and also being one of the “Smart City” of India, doesn’t have funds to install/erect proper safety signs near work zones or hazard zones, rather than place some tree limbs/plants/rocks as safety precaution signs. If the city could spend in lakhs to construct a few state-of-the art structures, I think MCC could spend a few bucks in purchasing some better safety/warning signs, glowing warning signs, thereby not putting the citizens or motorists life in jeopardy. And that’s what’s happening in Mangalore-because no one is taking any action nor seeking compensation from people responsible for their injuries or damages-so these contractors/city authorities carry on with their same old ways. Wake up citizens, it’s time to take action against those people who are responsible for these hazardous conditions, which put citizens life in jeopardy.

These incidents raise the question of public liability. Just what liability do official agencies have towards the protection of life and limb of citizens in a public place? Just look at warning signs placed near this damaged drainage/manhole in front of Lady Hill High School- this dilapidated drainage/manhole has been temporarily fixed so many times, instead of fixing it permanent. During daytime one could notice the tree limbs placed around this dilapidated drainage- but during the night it is very hazardous for motorists. There could be accidents with injuries or could be a fatality. But anyways, going further, does the MCC learn from its terrible mistakes? What action has it taken to ensure that such homicide-by-neglect does not recur?

What comes out clearly in all this is the attitude of the MCC, the Mangalore City Traffic Police, the Highways Department, the MUDA, the Regional Transport Authorities and other agencies responsible for public safety. It is uniform, given the state of city infrastructure and enforcement. Courts view it as culpable inaction. This persists in spite of death and disability caused by preventable accidents. Unfortunately, most of these cases involving the weak and the less affluent go without vigorous legal pursuit that should result in extraordinary compensation for victims and families, to be extracted from the purses of wilfully indifferent, sometimes corrupt officials.

It’s about time that Mangaloreans should compel the government of the day and civic agencies to accept responsibility for the fundamental right to life and free movement in public places, rather than be dazzled by announcements of fancy and expensive beautification schemes for roads and footpaths. The city must set right walking spaces, and enable all citizens — old, young, and the infirm — to use roads, buses, trains, parks and so on safely. MCC should see that proper safety signs/lighted warning signs are erected near work sites or faulty manholes/drainage. It doesn’t take much money, but it needs a lot of political will and enforced accountability.

Dilapidated Conditions of Electric Switch Boards Hazardous:

One of our website ardent readers Mr Joe D’souza-Kadri, Mangaluru had posted a comment pertaining to a civic issue on our blog stating, ” Dear Editor, have you heard a saying “Pouring Water on the Rock is useless, where nothing will grows”. My Message to Mayor: “Dear Mayor, I had told your Electrical Dept. that Electrical Lighting Control Boxes are Covered with PG Hostel Advertisement Stickers and other stickers. Is it not the Law that these boxes should have a sign on the front cover “DANGER” exposed for safety of public. Everywhere public can see these PG Rental stickers are pasted on Panel Covers. These stickers have Contact Number written on it. So, please instruct your Electrical Engineer, Mr Kamath to take strict action on these violators by contacting numbers immediately. I met one of the Engineer in Person (In Electric Dept.Office) and I told Him about this problem and also gave Him the location near KSRTC and Maithri Hotel. 2 months have passed and still no action taken. Also the Panel is without the Cover. A small Child can reach and try to remove the Fuse. Smart City has Smart acting Children. But not so Smart Acting Employees.”

In response to Joe D’souza’s comment, Team Mangalorean decided to highlight this safety hazard issue. Majority of electric related accidents occur because there is no sufficient gap between buildings and wires. Narrow roads and slums are more vulnerable. Such accidents could be curtailed by 99 per cent by replacing open conductors with aerial bunched cables. Going through a few blocks in the city, you can notice that 99% of the electrical switch boards/boxes lack doors, some are in dilapidated conditions – chances are that stray cows and dogs, even human beings may come in contact with the loose wires inside these boxes and get electrocuted. During monsoon season, water will get inside these boxes, creating short circuit, resulting in fire or someone nearby getting hurt.

A couple of years ago, a youth got electrocuted when he tried to reach out for something out of a nursing home window in Kudroli – the electric wires were very close to the building. And as of today, no action has been taken, the electric wires are seen still running very close to the building walls. When you look around the city, you will find many buildings are located very close to high tension electric wires. Why isn’t Mescom not looking into such kind of safety hazards. But it is also said that electric sub-station near residential areas could cause harm among people. But I have noticed quite a few sub stations in the city are located not far from houses or commercial complexes- and at one sub station near Nehru Maidan, a chapel exists very close by. So if it is a safety issue to have a sub station close to a residential area, then why are these sub stations built there.

Electricity is not just a lifeline. It can also take away life when handled improperly. Every one depends on electricity in their day-to-day life these days and reasons for compromising safety is the cost of the equipment coupled with ignorance. Mescom along with MCC needs to rectify all these safety issues before a life is lost? Thank You!

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  1. “What comes out clearly in all this is the attitude of the MCC, the Mangalore City Traffic Police, the Highways Department, the MUDA, the Regional Transport Authorities and other agencies responsible for public safety.” – Report

    What about our attitude to turn a blind eye towards failure on the part of current govt and elected politicians? I’ve a feeling that it will change as soon as BJP gains power.

  2. Time is come closer that it will be better if we contact PM Office in Delhi than MCC. After your article is appeared in,still things did not change. So as a reminder I called MCC again on 17th May 2017 at 3.30 PM and spoke to a Person in Electric Dept. I went down to KSRTC area to check if things changed and found nothing changed. I made the call in front of a Attorney as witness to my conversation. Let us watch the result.

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