The Caribbean Island

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""Name:  Kevin D’Souza
Age : 9 years
Father’s Name:  Stany D’Souza
Mother’s Name:  Lynette D’Souza
Sister: Rovina D’Souza
Place of Residence: Dubai

Kevin is studying in Grade 4 at St. Mary’s High School, Dubai.  He loves Singing and has bagged many prizes in Konkani Singing competitions. He also loves to play cricket & karate.

My sister says i am a very good story teller, so i wrote one more for you!

Far, far away near the Atlantic Ocean there was an island named Caribbean Island.  This island was found by a gang of dangerous thieves.  These thieves made the island as their headquarters.  All the loot they had stolen was safely hidden there.  One day a man was travelling to Mexico on a ship with his sailors.  On the way the sea suddenly became rough & stormy and that was like a Tsunami. 

It was a kind of ship wreck but by fortune they had reached an island.  It was the Caribbean Island.  They got down and looked at the ship which was broken. 

Carlos, for that was the name of the Captain, and his sailors started searching for any wooden pieces or rafts to make a boat.  As they were looking around, a man kidnapped a sailor.  The kidnapper was none other than one of the thieves.  The thief took the sailor to their leader. 

The leader of the thieves asked the sailor his name.  He replied "Jack Hedgefield".  The thief asked, "Why have you come here?" Jack replied "We were trapped in a Tsunami and had to come to the nearest shore".  The thief said "Fine, go and tell your captain to get out of our way.  The next time we see you, you will be in big trouble!"


The captain was looking for pieces of wood to repair the ship.  Suddenly he tripped on something hard.  Hoping that it was a log of wood he looked down and saw that something was deep inside the sand.  The captain called the sailors to help him dig up the sand and find what was inside.  They dug and dug and found a wooden box.  The captain was very curious to see what was inside the box.

The captain opened the box, saw the glittering gold and exclaimed "Wow!  This must be some stolen treasure!". What a wonderful find said Roger one of the sailors.  "This is amazing" said another, "think of all the things we can do with it." The captain saw a group of thieves coming running from a distance towards them.  The captain told the sailors "Board the ship immediately, they are chasing us".  So off they ran into the ship and set sail along with the box of treasure.  The thieves tried to catch them and went into their boats.

The thieves gave a long chase on their boats but as the sea was rough the thieves? boats got damaged and began to sink.  The thieves had to swim but there was no way for them to survive in that stormy big ocean. 

The ship went ahead and finally reached their home country Columbia.  Carlos and his sailors rejoiced as they reached Columbia.  They all agreed and decided to sell and distribute the wealth among the poor as this wealth did not belong to them.


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