Thermal power plants break records, Karnataka ready to meet growing summer power demand: Minister

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Thermal power plants break records, Karnataka ready to meet growing summer power demand: Minister

Bengaluru: Karnataka Energy Minister K. J. George on Friday said that the state’s thermal power plants have broken records and boosted the confidence of the state to meet growing demand for power during the summer.

“This impressive performance by the state thermal power plants emphasises the dedication and expertise of the Energy Department’s workforce. Proactive measures have been taken to address the growing demand. The facility’s seven units collectively contributed more than 85 percent of the total power generated, indicating a commendable level of reliability despite several technical hurdles. This remarkable achievement underscores their significance in meeting regional power requirements,” he said.

Additional Chief Secretary, of Energy, Gaurav Gupta said: “The surplus power generated by the thermal power plants has not only met demand but has also instilled confidence among officials overseeing operations.”

On April 4, each of the three units, each with a capacity of 210 MW, collectively generated 216 MW of power, showcasing the robustness of their infrastructure and operational capabilities, the Minister said.

The Raichur Thermal Power Station (RTPS) has surpassed expectations in power generation, with its units collectively producing a remarkable surplus on April 4. Despite various technical challenges, the power-generating facility managed to exceed anticipated output levels, demonstrating resilience and operational efficiency, he added.

Key to RTPS’s success is the abundant availability of coal, sourced from multiple mines to ensure uninterrupted supply. Coal rakes from three different mines, including of Maharashtra and the Singareni Coal mines, have been instrumental in maintaining fuel stocks at RTPS, George said.

The Yermarus Thermal Power Station (YTPS), a coal-based thermal power plant located in Yermarus village in Raichur district, has generated 6,229.240 MU for FY 2023-24. This is the maximum generation since its inception.

The Bellary Thermal Power Station (BTPS), located in Kudatini village of Bellary, generated 8,208.476 MU in the financial year 2023-24 which is the highest record achieved since its commissioning.

Meanwhile, water reserves have been stored in the Gurjapur barrage, safeguarding against disruptions in power generation due to insufficient water supply, George underlined.

As the plants continue to demonstrate their capacity for exceeding expectations, stakeholders can remain assured of reliable and sustainable power generation, which will contribute positively to the region’s economic growth and development, he said.

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