They Dug the Road, Broke the Pipe, & Have let the Water Flow for Two Days?

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They Dug the Road, Broke the Pipe, & Have let the Water Flow for Two Days?

They Dug the Road, Broke the Pipe, & Have let the Water Flow for Two Days? “Architect/Engineer Dharmaraj, and few other engineers/officials of Mangaluru City Corporation should be sacked for their poor planning and negligence towards the City and Citizens”- a frustrated Arya Samaj resident

Mangaluru: I have said it in the past, and will say it again that “DIGGING NEVER STOPS ON ARYA SAMAJ ROAD”? – and the residents living on this stretch of Arya Samaj Road, and those motorists and pedestrians who also take this road, will surely agree with this statement I made. It is indeed a sad situation while you look at this Road, which not long ago was fully refurbished with interlock bricks, and ever since then there has been constant digging of this road, ruining the interlocks- and the worst part is that, once the work is done, the contractors/laborers don’t fix the dug part to its original standards.

Now once again, the stretch of Arya Samaj Road has been dug again for drainage purpose- and while digging been done by the operator of the Earth-mover (JCB) without taking any preventive measures has cut the water pipes, cables, and whatever that was laid under this road. And even though due to the carelessness of the JCB driver, in breaking the water pipe, thereby allowing the water gushing out of the broken pipe, and filling the area like a swimming pond- and still no one had the slight courtesy in fixing the water leak, since two days. Bah humbug!

Those who have traveled in remote districts, even at home, cannot fail to have experienced at some time or other a keen sense of the fact that water is one of the most peremptory necessities of life, one which Nature generally supplies so freely and bountifully that habitual familiarity with the gift sometimes tends to lessen its appreciation. Moreover, the utility of water in various ways as a source of power, a means of communication, or a material of manufacturing industry, has led to its application for a multitude of purposes besides the daily wants of life, and in many cases, unfortunately, this has been done in a way that has been attended with very serious consequences as regards the condition of natural sources of water supply. And when such a thing called WATER is so precious and not to be wasted, and here we see our officials and their workers wasting water, for no reason.

While the mess has been created by this project, traffic and pedestrians are facing the brunt of it. While the digging work is in progress, pedestrians are having a tough time to walk on the footpaths or cross the roads. There are interlock bricks scattered all over and dug up mud is blocking pedestrians movement. Pedestrians safety is in danger, since a proper walking space is not provided by the workers on this project. Pedestrians are seen walking on the loose interlock bricks and dirty mud, and chances are that they may slip or twist their ankles. But does anyone in the district administration care for the safety of the people. Why would they, because they know that no one will complain nor sue them for damages/compensation.

While the City is facing water shortage, and citizens are finding a hard time to get the required water needed for consumption, and we witness the water wastage from this water pipe damaged by the workers. One of the resident living on this Road, who hardly gets water during the rationing done by the MCC, and fully frustrated said “Architect/Engineer Dharmaraj, and few other engineers/officials of Mangaluru City Corporation should be sacked for their poor planning and negligence towards the City and Citizens. While we are facing acute water shortage, and here we are seeing water being wasted”.

Also the pedestrians walking on this stretch are now a agitated lot and are left in jitters. This dilapidated portion of the road has left the residents wondering where the priorities of the MCC authorities are lying, and also the citizens are keeping their fingers crossed as to when the dug up road will will be fixed . Needless to say that the tall claims of the authorities prove hollow as the citizens continue to suffer – this dug up road needs to be fixed soon before any untoward incidents occur.

The once beautifully laid interlocked Balmatta road is again in shambles. With every now and then, roads and footpaths being dug up, people are left with no space to walk, whenever a road project starts.

And the funny part is that they have erected a barricade at the entrance to the Arya Samaj Road from Kadri Road mentioning that the road is closed for construction work- but no where they have mentioned where actually is the work being done and that area closed. And due to this many vehicles follow those vehicles of the residents living on that stretch, and unfortunately have to turn back at the end of the A S road ( near Froth on Top/Petrol Bunk) where the actual road is dug at the moment.

Is there a solution? With constant digging up on many roads in the city, they have turned the area into a war-zone. Footpaths are broken, construction debris scattered here and there, pedestrians have to endlessly battle bulldozers, open drains and ditches, cement blocks and stones, no street lights (thus absolute darkness in the night) and a never-ending stream of heavy vehicular traffic, day and night. When there is a pit dug right in the middle of a road, life gets a little difficult for commuters. But what if the pit is not filled properly after the work is completed? At such times, it will be hazardous for the motorists. The problem is that no one seems interested in flattening the road. With all the debris left behind and also that the dug up places are not restored properly, it seems quite dangerous for motorists and pedestrians to commute.

We all know that Mangalureans are quite reluctant in lodging complaints-that’s a reason we have so many civic problems that are not rectified, until it leads to a serious issue, like a serious injury or death. Wake up folks, complain to the concerned authorities if you notice something hazardous to human life. Yours Truly of Team Mangalorean can’t always highlight such civic issues, you too can raise your voice in case you see civic issues that would create inconveniences to the public or kill someone. Let’s all join hands and to make Mangaluru a safer place to move around and live safely. Only our constant complaints and pressure on our elected Netas/MCC Engineers/officials can solve the problems. If we keep quite, we are putting our own lives in danger moving around in the flunked “Smart City” with NO SMART OFFICIALS at the helm of it.

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