Tipplers Boozing at One Crematorium Dump Empty Bottles & Garbage into Next Door Crematorium Yard?

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Tipplers Boozing at One Crematorium Dump Empty Bottles & Garbage into Next Door Crematorium Yard?

Mangaluru : Following close on its heels after Team Mangalorean had published an article (Ref: ‘Saviour of Trees’ Jeeth Milan Roche Nurtures & Waters 600 plus Plants/Trees during Lockdown ) highlighting the efforts and hard work put in by Environmentalist Jeeth Roche in planting, nurturing and watering hundreds of fruit and other kinds of plants/trees at Hindu Rudra Bhoomi (Crematorium)-Nandigudda, Mangaluru, and Brahma Samaj Crematorium- Babugudda, Mangaluru, where both are located close by-this report is about how some people could be so ignorant in dumping empty bottles of liquor/beer/cigarette packs, gutka wrappers and other garbage in a place, called Crematorium, which has been kept clean and maintained by Jeeth.

When it gets dark, tipplers make use of Brahma Samaj Crematorium for immoral activities like Boozing, Smoking and Doping between the late evening and midnight hours, which the Mangaluru City Corporation officials, and for that matter, even the police have turned a blind eye. And Hindu Rudra Bhoomi (HRB)/Crematorium being very next to Brahma Samaj Crematorium, these tipplers when they are ready to go home, dump all the empty liquor bottles and other garbage across the wall into the HRB, and two days ago Jeeth and his team were surprised to see a pile of all these bottles and garbage, and was shocked to believe, how could anyone mess up a cremating area.

If you walk around the Brahma Samaj crematorium area you will notice left overs of empty cigarette packs, gutka wrappers, and few empty bottles of alcohol. Some may ask, how come the district authorities allow people to use a crematorium, which is a sacred place, for indulging in illegal activities? A question that seems like you may not get an suitable answer! With no proper compound wall around it, and the gate never being locked, it’s almost as if it’s free entry for tipplers and also people who want to defecate- and not to forget- its also a “leisure place”for a bunch of stray dogs.

Noticing all these empty liquor/beer bottles and garbage dumped into the yard of HRB crematorium, a fumed Jeeth Roche along with his volunteers, who help him in watering the plants at HRB, picked all the bottles placed them in a line on the compound wall of HRB, and also also threw back all the garbage across the HRB compound wall onto to the street, which is situated between the two crematoriums. With someone complaining to the MCC that Jeeth has thrown the garbage on the street, a lady Health Officer from MCC who visited the spot had a verbal talk with Jeeth, and Jeeth clarified with the Officer, that when someone had thrown garbage into a place which he takes care of, he has the rights to throw it back where it came from?

And as they say, Tit-for-tat, the entire area was cleaned by the MCC in no time- and this has also sent a strong message to the people who threw the garbage earlier, since this morning no liquor bottles or garbage was seen being dumped into HRB yard and along the roadside. Among the garbage, Jeeth and his team also found a bunch of expired medicine bottles, inside a bag having the name of Ashwini Medical Shop, Attavar, Mangaluru- so not only the local tipplers are making a mess here, but even the medical shop owners having business elsewhere?. Good efforts and awareness raised by Jeeth Roche and his volunteers on keeping Mangaluru Swachh!

Anyways, this report is the for the kind perusal of the MCC Mayor and other officials to see that the crematorium is not used for illegal activities when it gets dark, as it has happening for years, where revelers who have been using this area as their hangout joint, and after their fun mess up the area with alcohol bottles, empty cigarette packs, snacks wrappers etc- I am not sure whether the Mayor or the area corporator seen or heard about it?- but through this column Team Mangalorean urges the concerned authorities to take action on behalf of HRB management, Jeeth Roche and his team who take care of the plants at both the crematoriums, and some of the local residents there. When all this is going on for years, one would ask- how come MCC has turned a blind eye to this pathetic situation.

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  1. This article highlights how there are still good reporters and volunteers in our society who are willing to make things better even in the face of some third-class people who dump trash all around. This gives me hopes. I pray to imaginary gods to bless those third-class people with more wisdom and commonsense.

  2. They should supply booze through municipality pipes. Every house in the town/city has a connection anyway. That way we can have lockdown extended for the rest of the year. Drunks can remain drunk without setting foot outside their house.

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