Tips To Make the Best of Video Lectures

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Tips To Make the Best of Video Lectures

Becoming an engineer requires tremendous hard work and dedication, especially if you want to be part of the famous IIT campus. Luckily, the rapid technological advancements in the past few years have also impacted the educational industry in a right way, including the IIT-JEE coaching sector. JEE aspirants now have access to IIT JEE video lectures along with other online preparation techniques. Thanks to this, engineering aspirants from remote areas of the country have benefitted immensely. They can study without any interruption and procure the best study material and guidance from ace faculties.

If you want to create a full proof study plan, it’s advised to supplement your learning from IIT JEE video lectures. Relying on these lectures will foster your understanding of complex Math, Physics and Chemistry concepts. You can study as per your convenience and even reply the lectures several times for doubt clarification and reinforcement.

3 Main benefits of Studying from Video Lectures:

# 1 Study in a Multiple Way:

Video lectures offer you the liberty to study anytime, anywhere. Take AakashiTutor, for instance, is an SD card that comes with pre-recorded lectures. Through the platform, you can access the video lectures on your phone, tablet, desktop, laptops. So, there is more than one way that you can access the lectures.

# 2 Encourages Effective Learning:

It’s the best way to get self-study done. Video lectures can be paused, rewind and resumed as many times as you want. You don’t miss out on any nuances of the lecture and can replay just in case you want to revise a chapter.

# 3 Promotes Interactive Learning:

The instructors use interactive mediums such as charts, graphs, diagrams and real life example to explain complex physics and mathematical problems. Thanks to this interactive learning medium studying for ITT JEE couldn’t be more exciting.

Tips to Make the Most out of the Video Lectures

Study on the Move

With platforms like AakashiTutor at your disposal, studying on the move is now convenient. Just plug in the SD card on your phone or tablet computer, put on the headphones and learn while travelling in the metro, bus, etc.

Take Studies Offline

With AakashiTutor you can now study video lectures offline. You do not require a dedicated internet connection. All you need to do is plug-in the SD card to the device of your choice and start learning.

Find your Learning curve

Self-paced learning maximises your chance of scoring well in the exam. If you are unable to understand a certain chapter, you can play the video multiple times. Therefore, you have a full control of your learning curve.

Manage your Time Table

You may be great in Math, but chemistry is your weak spot. With AakashiTutor you play, pause, resume video lectures and strengthen your weak areas.

Plan your Revision Schedule

Since you have access to pre-recorded lectures, you can also devise a revision schedule as per your convenience. You can pay more attention to the chapters or subjects that you are struggling with. Always remember that developing a robust revision schedule is important to do well in the entrance test.

AakashiTutor is an interactive and innovative program providing online programs and e-learning medium for JEE aspirants. All lectures and study material are prepared by the top faculty on the institute. In addition to access to top quality lectures, students can also clarify their doubts via online doubt forum. This is an additional feature of the platform. IIT JEE video lectures are benefitting lakhs of students across India. They can study online or offline without having to worry about losing out on precious time and money.

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