TJVHS and VHP to Protest against Tipu Jayanti

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TJVHS and VHP to Protest against Tipu Jayanti

Tipu Jayanti Virodhi Horata Samithi (TJVHS) and Vishwa Hindu Parishat (VHP) to protest against the celebrations planned by the State Government to mark Tipu’s Birth anniversary on 10 November.

Mangaluru: The State government will hold Tipu Jayanti across the State on November 10, to remember contribution of Tipu Sultan. Instead of Minority Affairs department, the Jayanti this time will be organized by the Department of Kannada and Culture. Reiterating that Tipu had forcibly converted a majority of the people into Islam, and also that there lots of untoward incidents during the last year’s Tipu Jayanti which resulted in injuries and property damages, and to urge the government not to glorify Tipu Sultan by celebrating his birth anniversary this year, Kishore Kumar, the convener of Tipu Jayanti Virodhi Horata Samithi addressing the media persons said, ” The decision of the state government to hold Tipu Jayanti celebrations on 10 November is condemnable.”


He further said, “We should all know that Hindus and Christians lived under misery and threat during Tipu’s regime, and government’s decision to honor such a person is not right. We will intensify our protests unless the government drops the idea of holding the celebrations before November 1. Tipu who was an anti-Kannada ruler had introduced Urdu and Persian during his tenure, so why should we honor such a traitor. Celebrating his birthday can hurt the sentiments of people. It is also noted that nearly 80,000 Christians were incarcerated during his tenure. If government doesn’t withdraw the TJ celebrations, we will organize programmes to bring awareness among the people about Tipu’s rule, his torture on Hindus and Christians, and his character. Our Samithi will present the memorandum to the DK DC on 17 October on this issue, similarly memorandums will be also handed over to other DC’s across the state.”


On the other hand, Vishwa Hindu Parishat activists have also stated that they will join other organisations in protest against the State government’s decision to hold Tipu Jayanti on November 10. VHP State Convenor Keshava Hegde speaking to Team Mangalorean said, “On 15 October, VHP activists will be part of the district organisations that will protest against holding of Tipu Jayanti. VHP has not changed its stand from considering Tipu Sultan as a conqueror who carried out atrocities on Hindus and Christians in several parts of State. If the State government goes ahead with the programme, the future course of action will be taken by respective district organizations on October 30,”

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  1. Siddaramiah apparently does not learn from his mistakes. After last year’s Tipu anniversary debacle one would have thought the state government would abandon the celebration of the controversial historical figure. Surely the state government has urgent priorities which require the resources and attention which are wasted on ty…. Tipu celebrations.

  2. Why this virodhi Sangh is silent when ‘Hindu Mahsabha’ is celebrating Godse Jayanti in Uttar Pradesh.
    The party which want saffronisation of education system who strive for the country hardly matters.But they are quick to form a ‘Rayana Brigade’ for political benefit.

    In other words Rayana and Tipu sultan are having common enemies.Tipu sultan was martyrdom by British in third Anglo-Indian war,Rayana is hanged to death.

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