Top 10 places to find a girlfriend

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Top 10 places to find a girlfriend

It is not the easiest thing to meet new people in a big city, but the best part about it is that it’s full of places to find a good girlfriend. It seems that most guys are literally limited with a really narrow range of good places to find a girlfriend – bars, nightclubs, discotheques, whatever else. Basically, those places supplied with large amounts of liquor, disco lights, and loud music (and other factors to help you drag somebody to bed). But where do you plan meeting a woman you may want to actually make your official girlfriend?

If you want to meet somebody to build a solid relationship with, you have to be smart and prudent. You have to be self-confident, but not cheeky. You have to act funny, but not be crossing the line. Most importantly, you have to read and memorize J4L list of top 10 best places to find a girlfriend and then go for it –find a suitable candidate and ask a girl to join you for a private date.

At grocery store

This is perhaps one of the hardest locations for a good chance to pick up a nice lady without scaring her away. If you dare to give it a try, definitely stay away from ventures involving melons, eggs, bananas or whatever else what can give away your sexual desires. Keep those jokes about melons and bananas to yourself and your buds. She won’t be impressed for sure, even if you got an academic degree in the sphere of puns about fruits.

At a concert

Loud concerts, live shows and music festivals are all excellent places to meet beautiful women. If you both happened to be there at the same time, you obviously got an interest for the same band, musician, or music genre, which already ensures you a common topic for an easy-going and non-creepy converse.

In dog park

In case if you have a dog, this is a truly great place to meet a fine gal. But if you don’t own a four-legged friend, do not be acting a weirdo and just watching pretty female dog-owners fool with their dogs. They will not be impressed. 100%.

In the best case scenario, your dogs will start sniffing each other. Maybe your doggie will attempt to saddle up her dog and you both will have a subject to laugh at. Plus, you can even arrange a playdate for your pets.

At coffee shop

Undoubtedly, coffee shop is a superb place to meet beautiful women if you feel like not really into those bar hookups or in case if you work remotely. Throughout the week, you will watch dozens of people working on their laptops while having a cup of coffee at coffee shops. If you are currently a student, working from home or maybe a writer – you oftentimes camp out at places like this.

At gym

A fitness club or gym is another tough, but a beneficial spot to get a girlfriend. Women mostly do not really wish to be hit on while out. They are not in the right zone and do not feel sexy when they’re sweaty and off tired.

To all dudes looking for sporty and fit girls, if you want to find one of those – go join a class at your local gym. It’s a common knowledge, ladies absolutely love such classes. However, it doesn’t have to necessarily be yoga or aerobics, which are traditionally female-oriented.

By the beach

What are the best places to find a girlfriend without a sunny coastline? She is a type of woman who would kindly trade her human legs for a tail if only to live underwater. She is a mermaid soul, comfortable both in water and on the sand, just sitting and sunbathing. With such girlie you can take off your shoes and run straight for the surf. She will gift you a laugh that only you can hear over the sound of the tides. She is a unique creation made of pure happiness and with her, you will find your joy too.

At public transport

Isn’t it tempting enough to meet a fine-looking girl in a bus while on your way home? Just be advised to consider the context of the situation before you make the first step.

If she has glued her eyes to the Subway Surfers game and plugged the headphones firmly in ears, then it may mean she does not feel like talking to anyone at the moment. But if you manage to establish a steady eye contact or even exchange a smile, then she is likely to be open for a conversation. Keep it simple and casual and if she isn’t quite following, make sure you got an escape route prepared. And if she is fully into it, don’t forget to get her number before she gets off at her station, as you probably won’t have a second chance.

At art museums and galleries

Swap your joggers with a nice pair of pants and go for some cultural education. You are worried about looking stupid? Don’t be. Even if you would sound like an idiot, focusing on the picture and nodding mutely can save you. Conduct a little research before you go and you may find a museum attracting people with nice wine, live music or discounted tickets.

At bars and clubs

Of course our article would not be totally complete without including bars and clubs. These are the places most males tend to look towards in first place when they want to meet a female with minimal effort. So, if you’re not a humble and nerdy lad with no social skills, you will definitely have a good chance to draw a girl’s attention by heading to a nightclub on weekend.

At local classes

The last but not the least place to meet a beautiful female is through local classes. It can be just anything you feel up to – from a cooking class to mountain-climbing class. Why? Simply because meeting girls in such informal surroundings gives you that unique experience to get to know each other. That feeling of bonding is going to do its job in getting that cute girl interested in having a nice talk at the nearest café right after class.

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