Total Confusion of Total Lockdown! Milk, Meat, Fish Shops OPEN but Total LOCKDOWN for Public on Sun?

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Total Confusion of Total Lockdown! Milk, Vegetable, Meat, Fish, Newspapers Shops OPEN but Total LOCKDOWN for Public on SUNDAY?

Mangaluru: Once again the public are put into total confusion like earlier lockdown announced by the government and district administration. Deputy commissioner Sindhu B Rupesh has ordered for complete lockdown in the district from 7 pm on Saturday, May 23 till 7 am on Monday, May 25 in order to curb the spread of coronavirus. In the meantime, the admin is allowing the milk, vegetable, fish, meat, and newspaper shops to remain open- and also not mentioned the timings of their operations.

But now comes the funny part- even though all the above shops are opened, there is strict order that people should not come out on the streets and vehicles are banned on Sunday. But it doesn’t make any sense- you put no restrictions on some of these shops to keep open, and however, restrict movement of people and vehicles. If these shops are open, and public/vehicles banned are banned- how would these shops make business without customers. A total dumb and stupid plan implemented by the authorities-which TOTALLY make no SENSE on a TOTAL LOCKDOWN Sunday?

Why even bother to allow only milk, vegetable, fish, meat and newspaper shops open tomorrow, when shops selling other essentials are forced to close. Can’t people live without milk, meat, fish or newspaper for a day? Like people stock rest of the essentials prior to total lockdown day, why can’t they stock milk, meat etc? -just like tipplers stormed wine shops today to stock up on their favourite booze.

And for those who have scheduled weddings on Sunday, they have been permitted to carry on with their function, provided those attending the function obtain vehicle passes from the administration. Meaning to say that Coronavirus will spare the newly wedded couple and the guests on Sunday? Except for no other functions/programmes are allowed on Sunday- and that weddings should follow the guidelines of government pertaining to COVID-19.

But many say why even bother to have only SUNDAY as a total lockdown day, when relaxation of lockdown is permitted on other six days of the week. Is it just a publicity stunt to show that the govt and the administration is working hard and doing one heckuva job in order to prevent the spread of Coronavirus. Or is it intelligence overloaded? But frankly speaking Total Lockdown does not work here- we have seen in the past. Just wait and see, how many people and vehicles will be on the streets on Sunday. And as usual, police will take it easy, like they have been doing in the past- and that will be the outcome of Total Lockdown Sunday tomorrow. What a joke!

There are rumours that the lockdown for Sunday was planned due to Eid feast- which is wrong. Sunday total lockdown was planned days ahead even before the day of the Eid feast was announced. No doubt this lockdown is creating total confusion, also resulting in nervous breakdown along with financial breakdown for many- the poor and the rich. What misery? By the way, what’s the logic behind this lockdown by the government, every now and then? Is our govt hooked on stupidity to make such kind of decision, which don’t serve a damn thing other than making a mockery of the pandemic? One day Total Lockdown, other six days relaxed lockdown- that’s what you call poor decision of poor governance.

I still don’t understand the logic behind, by enforcing strict lockdown between 7 pm tonight (Saturday) till 7 am (Monday)- does it mean that the deadly coronavirus is active and on the go between these said hours- so that we all sit inside glued to our seats watching TV or sipping on Corona beer (which is been selling like hot cakes at a wine shop in Kadri, offering Buy 1 Get One Free)- and rest six days of the week the Corona Virus is taking it easy, inactive and weak so that it affects us. It is like making different holes in the door for different sized cats when they know all the cats can enter through the single hole… a void of logic. Nothing but a Total Joke, when it comes to Sunday’s Total Lockdown day!

By the way as counter-argument, the researchers should study on how much percentage of corona spread might be avoided just on 1-day lockdown per week Anyways, seems like Sunday will be a holiday for us and working day for COVID-19. And on a final note, if someone is in desperate need of eggs, veggies, Nandini milk, or even a newspaper (hardly anyone reads newspapers these days when you can get more news on web or smartphones), and can’t step out of the house or apartment in your vehicle since you figure out that cops will crack you down- then call for an AMBULANCE! So come Sunday, It’s Go Corona, Go Corona! Taali Bajavo…Corona Baghavo!

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