Traffic and Drug Issues Dominate Police Commissioner’s Phone-in Programme

Traffic and Drug Issues Dominate Police Commissioner’s Phone-in Programme

Mangaluru: Police commissioner Sandeep Patil received 25 calls in an hour during the direct phone-in programme, here on July 5.

During the phone-in programme, most of the complaints received from the public were regarding lack of humps near schools and residential areas, bars opening early and youth smoking late night at some petty shops. Sandeep Patil received all the calls and assured of taking action.

The first caller from Jappinamogeru said that there were no humps on the Jappinamogeru bypass road as the vehicles move at high speed. The caller requested to install humps on the road to check the speed of vehicles. Police commissioner Sandeep Patil assured of taking action.

Another caller from Ladyhill said that at 2:00 pm, when children go home from school there is always a problem for the traffic to move freely at Lady hill. She requested to deploy permanent traffic police to control the traffic. Sandeep Patil assured of deploying police during the rush hour and also said that sometimes when the police have other important work they will not be able to reach the spot on time.

The third caller from Suratkal said that salesmen come to Suratkal and Tadambail area and enter the houses and don’t leave without taking their contact number which is a nuisance for the people of these areas. The commissioner suggested the caller to click photographs of those creating a nuisance and send them to the police or call the control room so that action would be taken against such offenders.

The fourth caller said that vehicles are being parked on both the sides of the Jail road near which causes inconvenience to the people of that area. Sandeep Patil directed the ACP Traffic, Manjunath to visit the spot and solve the problem.

Another citizen from Car street said that he has fixed the number plate according to the new traffic rules by the central government but the traffic police say that the number plate was not allowed. Sandeep Patil advised the caller to meet the ACP and solve the problem.

“In Valencia and Jeppu petty shops are kept open late night where youth are seen smoking, this practice should be stopped”, said a caller. Sandeep Patil said that action will be taken against smokers and the drug menace in the city.

In Ullal buses, autos and the school vans transport people much more than the capacity of the vehicle. The caller urged the Police commissioner to take stern action. Sandeep Patil responding said that the drive to penalize violators has already begun.

Another caller said that the towing of the vehicles from no parking area is a welcome move but at the same time those who have been appointed to tow the vehicles are seen sitting on the two-wheelers when they are being transported.

Sandeep Patil said, “We have already instructed those towing the vehicles to take care of the vehicles. If the vehicle owner is on spot and willing to pay the penalty, the vehicle should be released immediately”.

The Police commissioner also directed the police to take action if any of the bars open during the early hours in the morning. Many of the citizens called and thanked the police department for solving their problems.

DCP Law and order Hanumantharaya, DCP Crime and Traffic Lakshmi Ganesh, ACP Traffic Manjunath and others were also present.