Transgender Gang Leader Gets Parivarthan Member Assaulted for not paying Hafta

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Transgender Gang Leader Gets Parivarthan Member Assaulted for not paying Hafta

Mangaluru: The members of the Parivarthan Charitable Trust, an organization of Transgenders held a press meet against the atrocities on their members and extortion, at the Press Club Urwa here on February 7.

Addressing the media persons Treasurer of the Trust Srinidhi said, “We have to depend on begging and sex work to earn our daily bread since no one is ready to provide us with a job. Nowadays it is very difficult and people are reluctant to offer us money but unfortunately our leader, Rani is demanding money from us. When we refuse to give her the money, we are being threatened and assaulted by goons. She has threatened us with dire consequences if we fail to pay her Rs 6000 every month. After I stopped giving her the money she has threatened me several times and once even during the Trust meeting she had assaulted me with her sandals. On February 5, when one of our members refused to give her Rs 6000 she was attacked by some goons with stones. We do not have any safety for our lives and we always live in fear. Our parents too do not want us to live with them, is it our fault to be born as transgenders? We are also human beings, but unfortunately, we have bear all these nuisances of harassment and also being deprived of our rights. We need justice and protection for our lives. Extorting money from us should be stopped”.

Speaking to the media persons victim Priya said, “Seven years ago, I came to Mangaluru, I am leading my life begging or indulging in sex work since there is no other option to earn my income. Being a transgender no one wants to offer me a job. Rani has been extorting money from me every month. If I don’t oblige her, she threatens me with dire consequences. Earlier we did not have anyone to help us and fight for our rights, now after joining Parivarthan Charitable Trust, we have gained some courage to come forward, speak out and fight for our rights. If we get sick no one cares for us but we need to pay Rs 6000 to Rani every month without fail. That’s not right. This month I refused to pay her the monthly amount because I didn’t have enough cash. On February 5, when I was along with a Trust member, I was attacked with a stone by a goon, but since it was dark I couldn’t recognize the attacker. I was totally, and thought to myself if such incident happens, where will we go and how can we protect ourselves? We need justice and support from all the good people so that we too can lead a normal life.”

The founder and the Life Trustee of Parivarthan Charitable Trust Violet Pereira said, “The district administration is very supportive towards the cause of bringing the transgenders to the mainstream. Facilities were provided by the district administration to make Aadhar cards for transgenders at the Parivarthan Trust Office. We have also submitted applications for 17 members for tailoring and beautician courses. Once they are trained we will try to provide them with jobs, sewing machines to be self-reliant. Our main aim is to bring the transgenders to the mainstream so that they can lead a normal life.

The DC has also assured his support in this regard. Once the transgenders are trained and start earning, illegal practices like begging and sex work will be completely stopped. Extortion should be firmly dealt with and those willing to work should be encouraged and supported. We at Parivarthan are trying to bring changes in the life of transgenders. We need support from all the good people so that transgenders who are also human beings like us live a life with respect.”

Chandrakala and Rekha also spoke on the occasion. Later a memorandum was submitted to the DCP crime and traffic Dr Sanjeev Patil who has assured of taking action against those involved in the assault and extortion. DCP Sanjeev Patil also advised the transgenders not to give money to anyone, so that the police can curb the practice of extortion from them.

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  1. LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender) are also human beings and deserve to be respected accordingly like heterosexuals. LGBTs are also God’s creation like all humans and deserve to be respected and treated equally. It is our responsibility to rehabilitate them and accept them as a part of our society.

    Oregon State’s (USA) Governor Kate Brown, a transgender, recently was sworn in as Governor. There are quite a few achievers who are transgenders. All they need is support from others to reach their potential. Genetic malfunction is not their fault. Congratulations Violet for doing the right thing. I hope others will also follow your path.

  2. Thanks to Violet and Team. Please contact the authorities and provide protection . You are all doing great job.

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