Trump visit: Unprecedented security cover at ITC Maurya

Trump visit: Unprecedented security cover at ITC Maurya
New Delhi: Unprecedented security is in place at Delhi’s ITC Maurya hotel where US President Donald Trump and his family are lodged.

According to sources five-layer security is in place at the hotel. First two layers are manned by personnel of American security agency and FBI while the rest three layers are manned by Indian security forces.

Delhi Police’s security wing personnel will form the inner cordon, taking care of security around the hotel’s lobby, parking, lawn and pool areas. NSG, SPG commandos and Delhi Police personnel have sanitized every floor of the hotel to ensure complete security.

A senior police official in the security of Trumps, said that the hotel is out of bounds for others, even the hotel staff are not allowed to go near the presidential suit where Trumps are staying.

This is the first time the entire hotel has been evacuated for the American president as all the 438 rooms at the hotel have been booked for the Americans.

The primary responsibility of the security of the US President lies with American Secret Service, which has deployed over a thousand personnel equipped with all the latest technology.

All roads leading to ITC Maurya have been fortified with snipers, elite SWAT commandos and sharp shooters on high-rise buildings. Traffic in the area has also been diverted.

According to officials, the route leading to a Delhi government school where US first lady Melania Trump is scheduled to pay a visit will also be under a high security cover.

Mobile phone jammer system will be automatically activated along the route through which Trump and his convoy will pass, an official said.

US President has an action packed day in Delhi on Tuesday – a visit to Rajghat and then to Hyderabad House for bilateral talks, and also the Rashtrapati Bhawan.