""Name:  Venitia Hycinth Sequeira
Date of Birth:  1/11/1991
Father’s Name:  Vincent Jerome Sequeira
Mother’s Name:  Harush Mariette Sequeira
Native Place:  Bijai, Mangalore

Venitia is a Class X student of the Indian School, Wadi Kabir, Sultanate of Oman.  She is a  budding poetess who has always been interested in penning her thoughts down.  The result has been some beautiful poetry which has been regularly featured in the Thursday Magazine of the Times of Oman for the last couple of years.  This particular poem of Venetia’s is about the impact of Tsunami on the lives of people.


At dusk,
I sit at the seashore
Watching the sun set in the west,
Spreading twilight everywhere.
My anger rouses as I gaze enviously at the sea.
The same sea
Which about a fortnight back
Had swelled high into a flood
And taken away everything I had
Including my near and dear ones.

As the chirping of birds cease around me,
And darkness surrounds me,
I think ‘Mother Nature’s strange
She sends no natural calamities on the guilty
But punishes the innocent,
Leaving thousands homeless, widowed and orphaned’.

I lay my head on the cool sand
Tears streaming from my eyes
My stomach rumbling with hunger
And my body aching with pain,
Aware that within a few hours
I’d be breathing my last
And closing my eyes