Twist in the Dead Child Case- Mother Confesses Killing her 1-Year Old Child

Twist in the Dead Child Case- Mother Confesses Killing her 1-Year Old Child

 Udupi : Recalling the incident where a 15-month-old baby had gone missing since Thursday, and was later found dead in the Kubja river near Kundapur in Udupi District, but now police have revealed new details behind the death of the infant. The child’s mother’s claim that her child was abducted by a masked men during the wee hours is now found to be false. Police who had launched a hunt for the alleged kidnappers ended up being on a wild goose chase after the child’s mother, said to be mentally disturbed, confessed to police that she had killed her baby during a suicide pact with her two kids.

Police sources reveal that Rekha’s (child’s mother) marriage with Santhosh Naik , a security guard, was in controversy over alleged differences with her mother-in-law. As part of the suicide pact, Rekha had jumped into the Kubja river along with her two children ( 15-year old girl and five year old boy) around 4 am on Thursday. As per sources, she allegedly pushed the baby girl into the river, and then she and her son jumped into the river. The loud cries from the boy alerted the neighbours who came rushing to the river and rescued the woman and the child.

With her baby girl dead, Rekha was lost about the next course of action- and came up with a kidnap story that led the police to do a thorough search in Udupi and surrounding areas. It was Rekha’s son who leaked out the exact story to the police, about his mother’s suicide pact. Even though the mother had confessed to the police that she killed her child, but didn’t reveal the reason why she took the extreme step. In the meantime police are waiting for the post mortem report conducted on Friday.

Sources also reveal that the police are seeking legal opinion and Rekha’s psychological examination before taking her into custody for further action.

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