Twitterati praise MiG-27 as it flies into sunset

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Twitterati praise MiG-27 as it flies into sunset
New Delhi:  As Indian Air Force warhorse MiG-27 takes its sunset flight on Friday, Twitter users tweeted farewell messages for the fighter aircraft that earned praise for its stellar role in the 1999 Kargil war. The fighter jet also took part in Operation Parakram and other tactical operations.

#MiG27 trended with 1,611 tweets.

One user wrote: “Adieu, MiG-27. Thank you for your illustrious service.”

The last squadron of MiG-27 in Jodhpur, the only operational MiG-27 squadron in the world, was decommissioned on Friday.

“Truly the end of an era. #MiG27 #IndianAirForce,” wrote another user.

One post read: “The roar of a MiG-27 taking off, with its afterburners lit, shook everything! Air Force stations will miss it. #MiG27”

One user posted a funny request: “I request the Air Force to gift me one #MiG27 as they are of no use to them now….”

“Goodbye #MiG27 Bahadur. Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end,” tweeted one user.

Another tweeted: “Some named it ‘the flying coffin’ and some called it the Mikoyan MiG… but it will always be remembered as the ‘BAHADUR’ of the 99 Kargil war. Adieu #MiG27,” said one user.

“Goodbye #MiG27. Thank you for your illustrious service. India thanks you. Truly the end of an era.”

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