UAE: Dubai International Kite Fest takes off to a spectacular start

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UAE: As the milestone 20th edition of Dubai Shopping Festival approaches the end of yet another successful journey, it continues to offer families residing in Dubai and those visiting the emirate the opportunity to enjoy the array of attractions and experiences offered by the festival even during its final stages.

On 29 January, Dubai’s skies opened up to embrace a wonderful selection of colourful kites of all shapes and sizes from around the world following the inauguration of the Dubai International Kite Fest, the main attraction of the 20th edition of DSF.




The Dubai International Kite Fest is drawing huge crowds of children and elders to Jumeirah Beach 3 (behind Sunset Mall), ensuring that DSF visitors get to participate in an exciting and action-packed agenda of activities until the conclusion of the festival this year.

The event has drawn participants from various countries including the UAE, the United States, Canada, Switzerland, Kuwait, Japan, South Africa, Thailand, Malaysia, amongst others, and on the opening day, they welcomed guests as they paraded the venue, carrying flags of their respective countries.

The first large-scale event of its kind, Dubai International Kite Fest is bringing out the outdoor spirit of Dubai in full swing. Kites, both big and small and of various colours, designs and patterns, were seen transforming the view of Dubai’s clear evening sky into a kaleidoscope of magnificence – offering families a visual treat like no other on the first day of the event. At night, international companies and kite experts were seen flying illuminated kites and even remote-controlled models, much to the delight of families gathered on the beach to watch the spectacle.

A variety of food stalls, stage activities and other kite flying acts including kite surfing,  kite boarding and more are driving the excitement at the event, which will officially conclude on Sunday, 1 February.

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