UAE: Karnataka Journalists Felicitate Vijayalaxmi Shibaroor

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UAE: It is easy to find litanies of the things wrong with journalism today or the treatises of rumors and reasons that it is dying, but when we hear about Vijayalaxmi Shibaroor, one of the noted female journalists who has played an important role in breaking many scams in sting operations in Karnataka, we know that true journalism is still alive.


On behalf of the Amateur and Working Karnataka Journalist unit Dubai, a felicitation function was organized to honour Vijayalakshmi Shibaroor at Fortune Plaza, Al Qusais recently in the presence of Sarvotham Shetty, Praveen Shetty and representatives of various media in the UAE.



After the felicitation, Vijayalakshmi said that she would cherish this unforgettable moment in her life as group of journalists honouring another journalist, without any professional ego. She also added that she chose journalism as a career as she wished to leave behind her own path to keep her identity rather follow the steps of others and that she feels proud to know that now some more people are following her footsteps.

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She is dynamic and professional in her career. Interested in the progress and elevation of journalism and having spent her life in this profession, Vijayalakshmi considers it as a noble profession and one with unique importance for its influence upon the minds and morals of people.

Herman Lewis of FM Radio Spice 105.4, Manohar Thonse, Prakash Rao Payyar, Ganesh Rai, Ashook Belman, Iqbal, Ramesh Suvarna, Prashanth Nair, Canute Kelarai, Sandhya, Sudhakar Thumbay, Irshad Moodabiri, Arshad Koppa and many more media representatives participated in this rare programme.

It was rightly quoted by Henry Luce “I became a journalist to come as close as possible to the heart of the world”. Definitely such an interaction with a noted personality like Vijayalaxmi Shibaroor will be inspirational to many more interested in the field of journalism and will help reach many more hearts in the world.

Vinaya Kumar Naik, a senior media representative of Namma TV, coordinated and compered the programme. The vote of thanks was delivered by Vivek Anand of

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