UAE: Rasamanjuri Holds Annual Odissi Dance Festival at Indian Embassy

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UAE: Rasamanjuri organized its annual Odissi Dace festival at the Indian Embassy Abu Dhabi here on Apri 24.

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Odissi is a dance form which is characterised by various Bhangas (stance). It involves stamping of foot and striking various postures.

The programme started with Mangalacharan which marks the Odissi dancers entry on the stage as they invoke the blessings of Lord Jagannath for an auspicious beginning.

It was followed by the inauguration of the festival by The Guest of Honour Veteran Odissi Dance exponent Nrutyasree Monalisa Ghosh. She has been the first guru of Kundan Mukherjee. Rasamanjuri is the school of Odissi and Kathak dances has been mentored by Mukherjee.

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Murali the former president of Kerala Social Center and the special guest of honour Meena, the second secretary Indian Embassy Abu Dhabi graced the occasion.

The programme continued with Dasaavatara, followed by Batu and Saveripallavi. To lighten up the spirits a Odissi folk was performed by the junior group of students. Mukherjee performed the dance Jugma Danda Pallavi. Finally the dance drama Ramayan was performed by Kundan, his Guru Monalisa Gosh and all the disciples of Rasamanjuri of Abhirami, Pallavi, Nanda, Puja, Devi, Amrita, Bhagyashree, Shreshtha, Anagsha, Koushiki, Minnoli, Arundhuti, Anusmita, Sampurna, Arpita, Isha, Nitiksha, Naisha, Vernica, Manaswini and Uma Anil.

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