UCA to Approach Governor in Cordel Parish Fraud Case

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UCA to Approach Governor in Cordel Parish Fraud Case

Mangaluru: The United Christian Association (UCA) held a press meet at hotel Woodlands here, on June 20.

Addressing the mediapersons, vice president of UCA Robert Rosario said, “On June 17, Anuj Castelino filed a complaint in the Kadri police station against the former parish priest of Cordel church in connection with fraud, theft and cheating but no FIR has been registered till date. On the same day, we met the police commissioner and urged him to take action against those who are involved in the above crime. There is pressure on police officers to file the FIR.”



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Robert further alleged, “There is evidence that the police are under pressure to not file the FIR against the priest because last month in Peruvai church when a boy was assaulted by the parish priest and a case was filed, the police did not take any action against the priest. The priest was admitted to a hospital after assaulting the boy! Even in Uppinangady when one Steven Monteiro had asked for the account statement of the school, a case was registered against him under Section 295 IPC. Such incidents prove that the priests have very strong influence.”

“If the FIR will not be filed, we will approach the Governor and demand for justice. We will also bring it to the notice of the Governor that the law and order in the district has collapsed,” said Robert.

Robert also said, “When the former parish priest of Cordel church was in Kirem Church, he had collected a lot of money in the name of development. Later he was transferred to Shirva Church to make more money and then transferred to Cordel church because it is one of the richest churches. When he got transferred to Cordel church, he started to collect funds from the parishioners in the name of development. He created new projects to make money in the name of God. The collected amount was not utilized for the church development work but it was invested in shares and bank deposits. When we called up the Kadri police station to check if the FIR was filed, they advised us to compromise instead of filing the FIR. This shows that the police are under pressure.”

Robert demanded justice and the arrest of the former parish priest of Cordel church since his arrest would make it easier for the police to investigate the case.

President of UCA Alban Menezes, treasurer Joe Rego, secretary Marceline Rasquinha, complainant Anuj Castelino and committee member Paul Lobo were also present.

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  1. Thanks to all of You, True Men and True Women Catholics. Please do not give up the fight but keep fighting. Sacred Heart of Jesus is with Your Heart. I would have joined all of you if I was Younger, to stop this corruption throughout Mangalore Diocese.

    Though I am not Cordel Church Member, but still I see the corruption through the church gate. Just an hour earlier before I read this story,We few Catholics were discussing the Corruption in Diocese. An hour later I started to read this story.

    These Religious heads tell Us to love our neighbor and what they do?. Time to check these corrupt acts. We Catholics are the Church. May be Mr Rosario,should write to Vatican.
    God Bless You All

  2. whatever you do nothing happens .better you guys do your own work towards humanity .and pray for them.

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