Udupi: Biggest gift by Modi to Hindu Samajotsava is by supporting the PDP to release Masrat Alam – Congress

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Udupi: The biggest gift of Narendra Modi for Hindu Samajotsava is by supporting the PDP to release Masrat Alam alleged Congress leader Amrith Shenoy. He was speaking during a protest organized by the Block Congress against the release of Masrat Alam (a Kashmiri separatist) in front of the Clock Tower, here on March 11.

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“The BJP came to power promising to curb terrorism but inviting Nawaz Sharif, Prime Minister of Pakistan, to Namo’s swearing in ceremony and gifting him sari exposed their intentions. The BJP had delivered lectures on nationalism and terrorism, but the release of an anti-national separatist, Masrat Alam, shows their nationalism and ability to combat terrorism.”

“PM Narendra Modi maintains silence and if the same continues, the Chief Minister of J&K Mufti Mohammed Sayeed will pass a resolution declaring J&K as part of Pakistan and not India. The Sri Lankan Prime Minister has threatened our fisherman and said that they would be killed if they cross the border but our PM is silent. Vested interests in the BJP are ruining our nation and as history reminds us, they have always surrendered to terrorism,” he added.

Kishan Hegde, another Congress leader, said that BJP is often known for delivering lectures on nationalism, patriotism and terrorism but when it comes to follow, they fall behind. “The leaders who are busy celebrating Samajotsava should explain to the country on their decision to release Masrat Alam. If the BJP has courage and love for the nation, then they should withdraw their support extended to PDP to form the government.”

“The BJP leaders need to break their silence as their lectures on nationalism and terrorism are haunting them that they will witness the anger of the people. The Congress condemns the PDP-BJP led J&K government’s stand to release Masrat Alam,” he added.

CMC President Yuvraj; CMC Members Janardhan Bhandarkar, Prakyath Shetty, Celina Karkada, Sujay Jattanna, Ganesh Nergi, Harish Kini, Bhaskar Rao Kediyoor, Meenakshi Madhav, Chandrakanth and others were present.

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