Mangaluru: We need a Clean mind for Swachch Bharat – Ramanath Rai

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Mangaluru: The DK District Congress staged a protest in front of the DC Office against the land ordinance bill amended by the BJP government here, on March 11.











Addressing the protesters, the MUDA chairman Ibrahim Kodijal said that the Congress party has worked for the betterment of the marginalized people. “To make that dream come true, we have nationalized banks and also passed the land acquisition act in 2013 in favor of the farmers. We live on the products that the farmers grow. To prevent injustice to the farmers, we had passed the Panchayat Raj bill. The Congress party has always considered the poor, marginalized and the minorities. When Chief Minister Siddaramaiah came to power, he brought the Anna Baghya scheme and distributed rice for the BPL families at Rs 1. For children, he brought the Kshera Baghya scheme. According to the election manifesto, we had made 150 promises and after coming to power, we have fulfilled 90 promises so far. We will fulfill the remaining promises within three years.”

He assured that the state government will not allow farmers to be the victims of land acquisition. “All the ministers, MLAs and the peoples representatives will fight in favor of the farmers so that they get justice.”

MLC Ivan D’Souza speaking on the occasion said that the Congress party has opposed the Land ordinance bill. “Due to the bill, farmers will be in trouble. The bill will benefit the wealthy investors, including big corporations and builders.” He recalled the incident when Yeddyurappa was the Chief minister and while taking oath, wearing a green shawl he had said that he will be with the farmers. “People thought that Modi’s government would be people friendly and will be in favour of poor people and ‘ache din’ will come. During the elections, everywhere Modi’s name was shining including in Whatsapp and other media. People thought that Modi will bring good days for the people, but now the Modi government brought this land bill. At any time, the corporate world can acquire land from the farmers without their permission.”

“The present Land Ordinance Bill reflects the anti-farmer and anti-poor move of un-democratically amending the 2013 Act on Land Acquisition and Rehabilitation. The BJP government did not consult anyone before making changes in the 2013 Land Acquisition Act. Sadananda Gowda, being the law minister, does not have the voice to oppose the land acquisition act. Sadananda Gowda should resign from his post. The land acquired for Rs 100 will be sold in crores to the corporate world. Where are the Parliament members from Mangaluru and Udupi? The same MPs talk about Kasturi Rangan report but did Shobha or Nalin Kumar Kateel raise their voice against this land acquisition bill?. The UPA government said that the family members of the farmers who lose their land should be provided with jobs and the farmers should be compensated 4 times more than the actual price for their land. The BJP government is bringing the industries to India but is not creating jobs in India. In Dakshina Kannada, we have MRPL, BSF and other industries but Kannadigas did not get jobs in them; the reason given was that the district did not have qualified candidates. If the corporate world comes to Statebank and acquires land for industry, the BJP government will give them the right to do it. We have to think over this. Anna Hazare is also fighting to change the land ordinance bill at the cost of his life. The Congress party is with the poor and the marginalized people, but the BJP government is with the corporate world, industrialists and real estate. We have to fight against the BJP government and not to allow the government to implement this act.”

MLA J R Lobo speaking on the occasion said that the land acquisition bill is against the interests of farmers. The present  Bill is anti-farmer. We will not accept it. The government must protect the interest of the farmers and not to please the corporate world. “The present land ordinance bill will only benefit the corporate world and not the farmers. The present act states that there is no need to take permission from the farmers to acquire their land.”

“Farmers are the backbone of the country, grabbing their land without giving compensation is bad for the country. The BJP government giving the farmers land to the corporate world is injustice to the farmers. If the BJP is really concerned about the farmers, kindly change the land ordinance bill. We are not against the industries, but the same time do not harass the farmers and play with their sentiments. When BJP came to power, it said that they do not need Aadhar card, but now we need Aadhar card for everything. In India, 70% people are depending on agriculture.” He urged the NDA government to replace the Land Acquisition Act brought in 2013 by the UPA government.

District minister in-charge Ramanath Rai speaking on the occasion said that the BJP government gave false hopes to the people and before the election, they assured to form a people friendly government. “Modi also assured to bring good days (Acche Din) but as soon as they came to power, they showed their real colours by bringing the land ordinance bill which is in favour of the corporate world. In the act, the corporate world can acquire land without the permission of the farmers. If the acquired land is not utilized for 5 years, the farmers can get the land back,” he said.

“The Congress government has always worked for the welfare of the poor and the marginalized. In the name of Swachch Bharat, the BJP government is looting people. Our minds should be clean for a Swachch Bharat,” said Rai.

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