Udupi: BJP should be Renamed as ‘Bharatitya Joot Party’- Janardhan Poojary

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Udupi: The Bharatiya Janatha Party should be reincarnated as the Bharatiya Joot Party for fooling the people of India, criticized former central minister Janardhan Poojary. He was addressing the mediapersons at the Press Club here, on May 16.

“The BJP led NDA government has destroyed the hopes of the people of India by pleasing corporate establishments who financially supported Modi’s victory in the LS polls. People are in need of the government’s support but the Prime Minister is busy on foreign tours.”

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“Pre monsoon showers have caused severe problems for the farmers but the central government is least bothered about them. The PM’s foreign tours are a boon for the corporate establishments while the diplomatic relations with the countries he is visiting are shrinking.”

“Narendra Modi has looted money from the people of India by keeping himself busy visiting foreign countries. The PMO is not replying to the RTI filed on the expenses of the foreign tours of the Prime Minister. The PMO has a duty to reply to the RTI. Narendra Modi has cornered the poor and the farmers. NaMo’s foreign tours have not solved the border conflicts with China, Sri Lanka and Pakistan,” he added.

“The election manifesto released by the BJP during the LS polls indicate their bunch of lies delivered to the people of India. The efforts made to bring back black money are in vain, while the new bill on black money is directionless. Modi is on foreign tours, let him also visit Switzerland and hold talks with the government there to bring the black money back.”

He further said that the Narendra Modi-led BJP government is trying its best to change the history of India, while they should understand the role of Congress men in uniting India from the clutches of British. “The BJP was nowhere in the freedom struggle and trying to make a Congress free India will be a nightmare for the BJP. The leaders who strengthened the roots of BJP like Vajpayee, Advani, Sushma Swaraj and Murali Manohar Joshi are sidelined by Narendra Modi.” he added.

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9 years ago

Instead of calling every fortnightly press meetings, Mr.Poojary should record a video and release to the media. It worked quite well for Mr.Osama for a while, so I don’t see any reason why it won’t for him.

9 years ago

Congress should realize that Young India is not moved by the Congress struggles against British rule 70 to 100 years ago. They need to tell young Indians what Congress can do for them in 2015.

Original R.Pai
9 years ago

Comedy Jannanna is back!!! How come Suresha Ballala is missing ?