Udupi Dist Administration holds Signature campaign to encourage young voters

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Udupi Dist Administration holds Signature campaign to encourage young voters

Udupi: ‘Voting power is our right.’ ‘I will vote for a better Karnataka.’ These are the statements of the majority of youth during a signature campaign which was organised in Udupi on Thursday, April 5.

The Udupi district administration organised a signature campaign and rally to encourage young voters to vote and to create awareness on voting. This is being done under SVEEP (Systematic Voters Education and Electoral Participation Plan).

Shivananda Kapashi chief executive officer Udupi Zilla panchayat inaugurated the campaign by affixing his signature. . He also administrated the oath to the students and said that various initiatives had been taken under SVEEP to urge voters to cast their votes without fail and as per their conscience. He urged the youth who had attained the age of 18 to enrol their names in the electoral rolls. They should try and raise awareness on the importance of people exercising their franchise by sensitising their family members, neighbours, and relatives, he said.

National level elocution competition Award winning student Shreyas Kotian expressing his opinion about voting said, “It is my right, I will execute it without fail on the election Day. It is time for us to change. Don’t consider May 12 as just another holiday; come out and vote. Every student above 18 years should cast their valuable votes. The voters should only keep in mind the development of the country while casting their votes and should not be attracted by inducements”.

Later the mega student Jatha was organised from Clock tower to Town Hall. More than 3000 students from various colleges participated in the jatha and signature campaign.

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  1. Whoever organised this signature rally is simply pulling wool
    over students eyes. Better Karnataka? Does it really mean
    anything when those who were in authority and those who
    are in authority hate each other and their parties, and are
    demoralizing and demeaning each other on a daily basis
    that one can read in this media Mangalore.com and Deccan

    These students should first read all what is taking place now
    that the elections are on and come to their own beliefs and
    conclusions. For example in Mangalore, Ramakrishna Mission
    volunteers dedicate their time and energy to keep the city clean
    – who does this in Udupi?

    In Udupi, the students should only look for a BETTER UDUPI
    so that there will be cleaner surroundings, water, electricity,
    proper pavements, and better roads and security and police
    presence at all times, and ensure those in authority will work
    for the betterment of the town.

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