Udupi: Fr Lawrence D’Souza Inaugurates Students Council of St Mary’s College Shirva

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Udupi: If a student is able to express his/her opinion rather being ignorant, we call them educated, said Dr Lawrence D’Souza, Secretary, Catholic Education Society, Udupi. He was speaking after inaugurating the Students Council (2015-16) of St Mary’s College, Shirva here on June 26.

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Students should grow physically, emotionally, intellectually, socially and spiritually. Today’s education is producing intellectual monsters. Intellectual growth should be supported with emotional growth. Social growth is also very much needed in every student, as today everyone is busy with their own lives. We ignore the events affecting the masses and fail to form our opinion.

Every student should have equal opportunities to practice their faith. Every Catholic should be good Catholic, every Hindu should be a good Hindu and every Muslim should be a good Muslim. We should grow spiritually in our religion. Students should come out of the educational institutions as balanced persons, he added.

Fr Stany Tauro, Correspondent St Mary’s Educational Institutions and Don BoscoEducational Institutions also spoke on the occasion.

Prof Rajan V N, Principal St Mary’s College Shirva administered the oath to the Students Council president Freston Mendonca of III B.com. Freston Mendonca then administered the oath to secretary Rohan Joy D’Souza of III BBM, joint secretary Pearlvita Mathias of III B.com, Sport Secretaries Linet D’Souza and Rayan Wilfred Danthy of III B.com along with the class representatives.

Freston Mendonca welcomed the gathering. Rohan Joy D’Souza delivered the vote of thanks. Venissa D’Souza and Glenston Rodrigues of III BBM compered the programme. Prof Ronald Moras, HOD Economics Department introduced the chief-guest to the gathering.

Wilson D’Souza, Vice-President Parish Pastoral Council; Norbert Machado, member college governing council; Prof. Padhmanabha Bhat, Student Council Director and HOD Political Science Department and others were present.

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  1. The town of Shirva has a got a great history and tradition behind it. A few years ago Father Stany Tauro took over the management as a correspondent of The College attached to The Church and has functioned very well indeed.

    Rev. Dr. Lawrence D’Souza’s with his fund of knowledge and experience offered to join The Udupi Diocese sometime ago and has already forged ahead to help the Diocese to the best of his ability. His meeting with Father Stan Tauro is a happy co-incidence as both of them worked for Father Muller’s Hospital and Medical College for a long time as senior administrators. It must have been a happy re-union.

    It was a good choice to invite him for the inauguration of The College Council. He must have been an inspiration to the students.

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