Udupi: HC Directs Administration to Ban Animal Slaughter during Kaup Mari Puja

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Udupi: The Karnataka State High Court has directed the District Administration to ban the slaughter of hens and goats during the annual Mari Puja at Kaup.


Devotees held a meeting with the Police department and temple heads in this regard on Saturday, March 21. CPI of Kaup, Sunil Nayak presided over the meeting.

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Advocate Alevoor Prem Raj Kini had filed a public interest litigation in the High Court seeking the courts intervention to ban the slaughter of hens and goats during the annual Mari Puja in Kaup. The HC Judge Justice K L Manjunath directed the district administration to issue a ban order in this regard.

Leeladhar Shetty said that people offer hens and goats during Mari Puja because it is their belief and the temple administration has no interference. Mohan Bangera, head of Kalya Marigudi Temple, said, “People offer goats and hens during Maripuja due to their belief. The district administration had passed a similar order 27 years ago but the same did not succeed.”

Muhammed Usman, a local entrepreneur, said that in a democracy, we have the right to practice our religion. “The government should not interfere in this matter,” he added.

The Suggi Mari Puja will be held in three Mariamma Devi Kshetras – Shri Hale Mariamma, Shri Hosa Mariamma and Shri Moorane Mariamma on March 24 and 25. Devotees from the undivided DK district and from distant places gather here with devotion and fulfill their vows.

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