Udupi: Heated Arguments, War of Words between Members Prevail at CMC Meeting

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Udupi: Heated arguments were witnessed between the ruling party leaders and opposition members at the CMC meeting held at the Sri Sathyamurthy Auditorium, CMC here, on May 30. The opposition was reluctant as they alleged that Ramesh Kanchan interrupted them frequently while they were presenting their views.

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Ramesh Kanchan allegedly said that CMC had turned into a fish market, for which opposition members opposed saying he was hurting the sentiments of fisherwoman. Kanchan later intervened while Vasanthi Shetty was presenting her views saying he had great respect for the fishermen community. A war of words was witnessed between Ramesh Kanchan and opposition members Dr M R Pai, Yasphal Suvarna and Dinesh Shetty Herga, who urged President Yuvraj to intervene and advice Ramesh Kanchan to remain silent.

The KMC hostels were said to be provided with electricity connection without obtaining completion certificate from the City Municipality Council. The members said that 396 rooms in the newly constructed hostels were using electricity which was a violation of the law. The officer in-charge said that the Vigilance Department was informed to initiate action in this regard. The president directed the officials to initiate necessary action since the law had been violated.

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Ramesh Kanchan urged the president to brief the members on actions taken on traffic issues near Kasturba Medical College. Interim Commissioner Manjunathayya said that issues related to parking near Kasturba Medical College were addressed after a meeting was organized with the Manipal University staff and police department. The hospital management has been advised to setup a help desk to give information on parking. The University has demolished 8 buildings to construct new parking space.

Opposition leader Dr M R Pai alleged that the president was involved in fixing up deals with Manipal University as he remained silent on the issues complained by locals regarding MU. President Yuvraj retorted that Dr Pai was leveling baseless allegations and also said that the then BJP led CMC had been silent on the issues in MU which indicate their intentions.


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Prashanth Amin slammed president Yuvraj saying he was only concerned of Subrahmanya Nagara ward and failed to divert funds to Kola ward. “The CMC has failed to develop the SC/ST colony in Kola, while Yujaraj has initiated a fund of Rs 5 crore for the development of his ward,” he alleged. He submitted a memorandum to the Interim Commissioner Manjunathayya. Yuvraj said that Prashanth’s ward will be considered for implementing the projects with available funds.

Sumithra R Nayak queried about the land acquisition for extension of Parkala road receiving a reply from Interim Commissioner Manjunathayya that the money utilized for land acquisition amounting to Rs 2.58 crore has been deposited back to CMC by the Assistant Commissioner. The National Highway Officials will widen the Parkala road, he added.

Under MOU signed between the MU and the CMC, 18 hrs of water is supplied to MU till the water reaches first stage in the dam and 12 hrs of water is pumped after the water is below first stage.

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While the question hour was continuing, heated arguments and war of words between members of ruling and opposition were witnessed. The president resumed the discussions on the agenda.

Vice-President Amritha Krishnamurthy; Vijay Manchi, Standing Committee President and others were present.

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