Udupi: MLA’s Like Raghupati Bhat Receive 10% Commission When Grants are Released – Pramod Madhwaraj

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Udupi: In his rebuttal to former MLA Raghupati Bhat’s statement of naming MLA’s who receive 10% commission on grants released to their constituency, Pramod Madhwaraj said that the MLA’s like Raghupati Bhat received 10% commission. He was addressing a press meet at the Congress Bhavan, here on February 12.

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“I had given a statement in a programme held at Bengaluru on Good Governance day that corruption should be weeded out from the election process itself otherwise it would lead MLA’s to receive kickbacks in the grant,” said Pramod.

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The Multi-village drinking water scheme implemented in Kokkarne was rejected and after Congress government came to power the new proposal was implemented and process for detail survey report is initiated. The project will be soon implemented at a cost of Rs 85 crore.

Hitting hard on Raghupati Bhat’s statement which claimed that Pramod Madhwaraj failed initiatives in Brahmavar Taluk and also failed steps in initiating establishment of PG centre in Upoor, he said that the BJP government then under the helm of Jagadish Shettar had allocated Rs 80 crore for 43 Taluks, which was a bogus initiative to attract voters in 2013 elections, the 43 Taluks need a budget allocation of at least Rs 1000 crore. If there was no new Taluk creation anywhere in Karnataka how would Brahmavar be announced as the Taluk, if in near future the Taluk creation is initiated every step will be taken to include Brahmavar as Taluk. The academic committee and syndicate of Mangalore University had visited Upoor and as the place in Upoor was sloppy they chose Belapu for establishing the research centre. GTTC (Government Tool Room Training) centre will be setup in Upoor.

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“We are confident of winning 6 seats in ZP (Udupi Constituency) and if we lose any one then Raghupati Bhat should take political sanyasa. Shobha Karandlaje, MP Udupi-Chikamagluru LS constituency should release the documents of work initiated by the central government for Udupi district,” said Madhwaraj.

The 9/11 is the brain child of BJP. The BJP government had filed an affidavit in the High Court of Karnataka for extending 9/11 to the entire state. The Congress government has in its order decided to withdraw 9/11 for 6 districts. The order has been sent to advocate general for consultation, later the order will be sent to sub-registrar’s office for modification in the computer software.

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“I have not forced any builders to construct houses for the poor, but have requested them while they construct a building also to construct a house for poor, I have even suggested Raghupati Bhat to construct a house for the poor but he declined,” he said.

Veronica Cornelio, Chairperson KSDL, Janardhan Thonse, CMC President Yuvraj Puttur, Udupi Block President Satish Amin Padukere, Mallika Balakrishna Shetty, Narasimhamurthy and others were present.

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