Udupi: North Karnataka Couple Ties Knot with Help of like-minded Citizens amid Parent’s Objections

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Udupi: A couple of North Karnataka origin tied the knot amid objections from their parents with the help of like-minded citizens here. The couple are said to have been oppressed by their family members. Later, they fled from their respective houses and were on the verge of committing suicide. Social activist Vishu Shetty took the lead in uniting the couple in wedlock in a formal ritual held in the outskirts of the city.

The bridegroom Basava (25) is the son of Durgappa and Mayavva of Gadag origin and the bride Lalitha (20) is the daughter of D Durgappa and Adivavva of Hubballi origin.

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Basava has been working in Udupi from the past 10 years and on his visit to his hometown last year, fell in love with Lalitha. The couple informed their parents about their relationship and their desire to get married but were unable to convince them. Furthermore, Lalitha’s parents began searching for a bridegroom for her. The couple then decided to commit suicide and fled to Udupi from Hubballi without informing their parents.

In Udupi, they found work and were working for Jagadish, an entrepreneur. They discussed their relationship with him and also said that they were committing suicide as they parents remained unconvinced about their relationship. Jagadish tried to convince them and discussed their plight with social activist Vishu Shetty. Vishu Shetty then convinced the couple and helped Lalitha to stay in a house belonging to Seethamma in the outskirts of Udupi.

In the meantime, Vishu Shetty promised them that he would arrange for them to get married and on August 27, the marriage rituals were performed by Ramesh Bhat in his house. The parents of Basava and his relatives also joined the wedding ceremony. A distant relative of Lalitha also attended the ceremony.

Vishu Shetty speaking to Mangalorean.com said that the couple discussed their problems and they were convinced against committing suicide. “We had promised them to organise a wedding ceremony by convincing their parents and likewise the wedding rituals were performed on 27 August. We will also make efforts to provide basic facilities to the couple to start a new life,” he added.

Bridegroom Basava speaking to Mangalorean.com said that the parents of Lalitha after knowing about their relationship started searching for a bridegroom. She later left the house and came to Udupi. He said, “We discussed the problems with our employer and he helped us to solve the issue. With the help of Vishu Shetty, we have entered into wedlock.”

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